Tips to make money with Instagram

Instagram is a social network that currently has 1 billion users. Every day more people use this social network to promote their products / services. On Instagram there are mainly the generation of millennials and centennials, so naturally brands seek to gain visibility there. If you have a business and are looking to generate more income, do not hesitate to follow the recommendations that we will give you below to generate income with Instagram.Profile as a brand exhibitorAt present, it does not work much to have a profile that handles general content, if you want to stand out it is important that you specialize in a Slovenia Phone Number List niche.If you are looking to generate income with Instagram, you should see your profile as a window to the business world.The most popular accounts on Instagram are those related to:ember that with an adequate social media strategy, any product / service can be positioned in the market.What to include in the profile bio? Make it clear which service / product the account is promoting, the option to send a message and the link to the online shop. Excellent quality images and videosThe soul of Instagram are the photographs, so if you want to stand out from your competition you must be very concerned about quality. These points must be taken into account to ensure quality:Device with which you will take the photograph.Framing Post edit There is no problem with the photographs being taken with a cell phone camera, as long as it is of high qualityWhat aspects should be kept in mind in the images?

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Devices with two rear cameras.What do you want to have with the photo? In that you should put the focus of attention.Do not forget the previous edition before Slovenia Phone Number List , for this you can use any of the following The competition that exists on Instagram makes it more difficult every day to differentiate and monetize the account. It never hurts to invest money in advertising, as this can help to exponentially multiply the investment made. Remember that digital advertising is not just for big brands. Sell ​​your photos in an image bank If you want to take advantage of your Instagram photos to earn money, you can upload part of them to an image bank and put a price on it. On the ShutterStock portal you have the opportunity to do so. Try to upload images from your Instagram that you know can be valuable for companies or agencies.Take advantage of Instagram stories, live streaming and IGTVUsing Instagram stories allows you to increase the engagement of the brand, through this channel publish discounts, latest products, news or events that you have made / attended. The highlights can be ordered by themes, choose the icon indicated for each one and there it stores the stories that are related to each other. Influencer Marketing A very effective way to publicize your product / service is by conducting an influencers campaign. Remember that a campaign will be effective to the extent that your influencer identifies with your brand and transmits its values.

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