Tips for your Facebook copy to generate more customers

I know perfectly what that moment is like. The moment of making a publication on social networks and not knowing what to put or how to summarize everything you want to say in one line to capture the attention of users. Frustrating, I know. But what if a copy expert revealed all their secrets? Would you like it? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog you will find tips from the best copy writer to increase your audience and your sales this month.Gary Bencivenga is one of the best copywriters in the world and, with good reason, he is a writer and us mobile phone number database . Its capacity is so incredible that it manages that its copies capture the user’s attention, generate engagement and lead readers to take the desired action.And, who is not dying to achieve that with each publication on their networks?ndeed, Bencivenga knows how to persuade the user to increase those clicks that we want so much. But how has it been achieved? First of all, it should be noted that as a writer he knows perfectly well how to write short and concise sentences. And like a psychologist, you are adept at knowing how the prospect thinks. He understands it, he empathizes with it and thus makes a simple sentence the one with which thousands of users identify.So why wait any longer? Let’s get to work with these tips to write the best copies. Next you will learn the rules that you must follow so that users notice, read and love your copies.1. Good copies focus on one main feelingThat’s the number one reason users notice good copy. Because it manages, effectively, to specify a feeling or a desire in a short and precise sentence. Point.This is important to know because although our products and services serve thousands of things, only one advantage predominates. And that advantage is the one to focus on.

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So, once you have identified the USA Phone Number List , the feeling, the desire – or whatever you want to call it – that your product provides, you must:Get your copy to focus on that sentiment and make it inexplicably obvious.Make it sound real. Do not seek to create long and complicated sentences to express it. Instead, use sentences as you would say them in everyday life. A good example of this is BuzzFeed , who makes copy incredibly efficient just by writing “I knew it.”2. Good copies don’t look like advertisingThis is precisely why users read them.As I mentioned before, the important thing is to write sentences and phrases that someone would say in their daily lives; words with which anyone would easily identify because, precisely, that is what he would say . So, you must:Copy the format. Find out and find out how your users write. Their jargons, their idioms, and take advantage of them!Copy the tone. Also, find out in what tone they speak. Do they use meme phrases ? Do they like jokes? Are they serious? Use all these resources to achieve writing sentences that hit the nail right on the prospect you are looking to conquer.3. Good copies add value to the userThat is why users trust a brand with good copy. When you find the value and sentiment that prospects are most interested in and synthesize it into one line You will earn them! So:Focus on that value and make it clear and concise. This will attract the attention of the reader and will make them want, effectively, to expand the information and click on your ad, blog, image, video, etcInvite action. When necessary, don’t just write noun phrases, but use appealing sentences that invite the prospect to try, click, watch, and more.So, start putting these tips into practice today and you will see how your copies will get better as the days go byDo you want some good news? At Niu.Marketing we can help you! If you want your company to be a leader in the industry this 2018, do not hesitate to click the button below and find out how you can improve your sales process using the Internet.In addition, I invite you to continue reading and inform yourself with our blogs to become a successful seller in a short time. Guatemala has already entered the digital age, Inbound Marketing Guatemala is already an option, find out what this means! Don’t be left behind.

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