Tips for writing better copy for digital marketing

Writing copies is knowing how to sell. As simple as that. Copies are phrases that immediately capture the user’s attention and earn their time. If your copy is good you will make the user read your post, click on the blog or download whatever you are offering. If your copy doesn’t accomplish this, you failed as a copywriter. Sounds complicated, right? The truth is that writing a simple copy is not as easy as it seems. That is why we have compiled the best tips to write copy for digital uae mobile number and make your life a little easier, click here to read them!It will happen to many who have to write a blog of 800 words or more and it is a piece of cake. But the time comes to write the copy for social networks of said blog and they spend hours in front of the computer without knowing how to synthesize it in a sentence or how to create a fun and entertaining phrase for the user to click. Yes … we know how frustrating it is.The art of writing the truth is not easy at all. A copy must be concise, clear, attractive, fun, original, that makes the user feel identified, that invites the user to click on what you offer but, above all, that makes them fall in love.Let’s look at the example of Buzzfeed . His copies are the shortest possible phrases such as “The same thing happens to me” or “it’s very scary”, “I didn’t know omg” yes, phrases that sometimes do not have much to do with the content but are curious enough and funny for the user to want to click on the blog, video or image it promotes. And boy do they do well with that.So the more fun, flashy, short and interesting your copies are, the more users will click on the publications and your CTA’s will have higher performance and engagement.For this reason, we decided to investigate more about the subject and compile a list of the best tips for copywriters. If you want to be a master in copywriting and make your users fall in love, pay attention!1. Know your audienceThis is extremely important to know the kind of copy you are going to write. You must know the tone of your audience. Are they young? Do they like jokes? Are they serious? Are they more casual? It is all important to know it to know what kind of phrases you are going to write and thus be able to hit the nail right and win over your prospects.

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Keep in mind that a good UAE Phone Number List would never bring a product or service to market without first finding out about their buyer persona and their target market. In the same way, before publishing your company’s content on social networks, you should find out what the users who read and follow you are like .2. Make it personalThere is nothing more striking than something personal. What’s more, in some A / B tests we did, we realized that users are more interested in reading a copy / caption in which you tell something personal or put an original phrase instead of an advertisement.Let’s look at an example. Imagine that you are going to publish a blog titled “the 10 habits of highly effective people” and you write a copy like “Do you know the habits of the most outstanding people? Click here to find out what they are ”would be a bit boring, right? But if instead you write “How sad but I don’t have any of them, what about you?” It is a phrase that personally involves the person who writes it, causes laughter, identifies some and involves users to read the article and participate in the response.New Call-to-action3. Use metaphors, fun things, analogies, and more.Most people look for distractions and fun on the Internet, because of this the most interesting and interactive copies are the ones that take the prize. So, use rhymes, puns, meme lines, whatever is hot and you know it fits your target audience!Rest assured that they love this mixture of images and concepts. Not for nothing are now brands using memes on their social networks and adapting them to their situation and their products. As long as what you write makes sense and coherence with your context, do it. You will provide the user with a fashionable, descriptive and interesting phrase to click on your CTA4. Create urgencyAnother good tip is to make the user feel that your offer is something unique. Because, let’s be honest, when we are on the web many times we are lazy to click on something, read something or fill out a form and we think, “well, I’ll do it later” or “I’ll save it and read it later”. So, we must try to change that and create urgency and curiosity in users.Imagine that you are going to publish a blog entitled “the 5 best tips for writing an essay” and in the copy you write “Find out here about the best tips for writing” I am one hundred percent sure that most will save that blog for when you really need it without reading it at the time. On the other hand, if you write something like “Just for today we will have available these 5 tips from the best writers for you to write your essay like a professional” I think many more users would read it at that time.5. Avoid monotonMake it emotional! Nothing draws more attention than this. Avoid monotony, be creative, create feelings, make your users think, make them laugh, involve them in questions, etc. Creativity is vital when writing copy, so don’t limit yourself.If you want to know more tips on writing and content for digital marketing, I invite you to click on the image below, where a certified writer from Hubspot reveals all his secrets. Click now.

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