Tim Ash wants you to focus on biology and not technology to sell more #RDSummit

Site Turners CRO Specialist spoke about how the characteristics of our brains call for us to facilitate consumer choices Tim Ash opened his lecture at the RD Summit 2018 by telling a short story: from the Big Bang to the formation of the human brain. The CRO (conversion optimization) specialist, however, didn’t take long to tell it: his goal was to demonstrate how many of our primitive decision-making features still remain.For that, he divided the brain into three parts: reaction, emotion and reason. Tim says that this is the sequence we follow before sequencing an action, much of it being automatic (or for an instant).Thus, inevitably, companies need to take that into account when building their sales pages or landing pages.tim ash rd summit 2018Facilitate consumer choicesOne of the main messages Tim Ash delivered, perhaps even the most important, was the following:”People are lazy, impatient, and they like simple choices.”At first, it appears to be a pejorative analysis of the human condition. Not so much, what the lecturer means is that Iran Phone Number List professionals must work to facilitate consumer decisions.

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That happens by building roads, that is, actually driving the buyer on the sales page, for example. Tim then showed a series of examples that, in fact, fascinate the visitor with a series of offers.In addition, he showed how a sequence of questions can lead the buyer, enhancing the Iran Phone Number List of making a sale. The idea is to divide the process into simple decisions.How the brain worksTim Ash talked a lot about the brain. He explained that our main organ that, despite only having 2% of our body’s volume, consumes 20% of the energy and is concerned with the 4 Fs:Fighting – is always ready to fight and defeat potential enemies or predatorsFlying: if he concludes that he cannot defeat the enemy, he will make us flee as quickly as possibleFeeding: our brain wants food to stay functional.Fornication: the transmission of a generational legacy occupies a lot of our brain.The CRO specialist asks that we pay close attention to biology and less to technology, since people will always be the focus of our actions. And, as already exemplified, we are notvery different from our ancestors millions of years agoThe system that makes us feel pain, for example, must be taken into account when presenting prices for products and services. Exchanging a value for something that makes our brain interpret that as a waste of money, which causes pain.So we must use a few tactics to create compelling offers. Visual tactics like decreasing the size of the price source, removing the currency symbol, and even using hooks help ease the consumer decision process.In relation to hooks, he gave a provocative example: the gold version of the Apple Watch. Few units were made and, by the time of launch, some publications were questioning who would be crazy enough for $ 10,000 for one of these watches.According to Tim, the gold version was just a strategy to make these people conclude, by comparison, that paying a thousand dollars for the regular version was quite reasonable.The result: Apple is doing better with the sale of its watches than the entire traditional Swiss industry. And you, are you going to rethink the offers on your site?

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