Three keys to choosing your perfect social network

Choosing the perfect social network for our brand becomes a great challenge. Knowing the target audience we want to reach, and where it has a greater presence, is the most important thing when deciding where we will create a community to have a relationship with users that can provide digital recognition. Something that we must recognize is that the presence in all social networks is not necessary. Making a profile for each platform that exists or that is going out, is not ideal. The main thing is to create a work plan focused on specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and measurable objectives
(SMART).When we choose the perfect social network for our brand, we are able to establish a more direct relationship with customers and attract those who may be potential. Using them as part of our company’s Malta Phone Number List strategy allows us to obtain great advantages over potential competitors. There are certain keys or tips that can be taken into account to choose the ideal social network for your brand, so it is important to know that there is no single platform, so here we present how they can be classified in theonline world.Types of social networksYou can get several ways to classify them, however, there are two ways in which you can group them to know how they are characterized and which ones fall within that guideline to be able to define where the brand will have a presence. Horizontal: here you can interact with people with varied interests, therefore, you can expect a greater volume of users and exchange between them. Here there are users of all kinds, social class and with different objectives.The social networks that are located in this space are those that have managed to position themselves with general content and manage to become of great advertising impact. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest , YouTube, among others …Vertical : in these the users are united by a specific topic , that is to say that they are specialized and created to share the tastes and interests of the users who want to exchange topics. Some of the social networks that we can find in this classification are platforms such as:LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, Moviehaku, Wattpad, etc …Now, you can determine in which space your brand corresponds to reach the users that interest you and not be present in a social network that does not add value to our communication strategy.

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Characteristics of each social Malta Phone Number List Knowing the characteristics or functionality of each platform, allows you to determine which is the most appropriate to direct your communication with optimal results towards your current and potential clients. Here we are going to define the functionalities of the main platforms so that choosing the perfect social network goes according to your objectives. FacebookThe social network with the highest demand among online users, for now. Focus your content of value to all audiences with the use of images, videos and publication that generate interests among your followers, managing to interact with them.This platform allows companies to get closer to users, in addition to statistics and segmentation possibilities in their advertisements. Finally, it allows you to add links, create calls to action (CTA) and events, being an attractive social network among its users. InstagramThis social network is perfect for those who want to capture the attention of their target audience visually, be it video or image. Every day more and more users join this platform that have great influence among young and adult audiences. For companies, growth on this platform can be based on great content, as in all of them, so using tags, geolocation and interacting with followers can grow exponentially. TwitterThe information platform par excellence has dropped in popularity in recent years. Twitter is an excellent social network to work on current issues, interact with user conversations and learn about trends, through tags or hashtag .If your business is characterized by immediacy and instant communication, you can take advantage of this platform and always place it in what you want to do within your digital marketing strategy. YoutubeThe platform of the giant Google, is responsible for showing content in video format to its users. The YouTube search engine is the second most popular search engine in the world .

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Users can interact on YouTube, here they vote “I like” or “I don’t like it”, they can share the videos, comment on them and they can subscribe to the channel that another user has. PinterestIt is a social network of a practically visual nature and where you can test the creativity that you can put to your brand to capture the attention of your target audience. On this platform, the best way to attract attention is with attractive images and themes that catch the eye of your audience, so you will have a more attractive profile of your brand. Tik TokThe platform that during 2020 has managed to surprise all generations. With its easy, fun and creative interface, here users use short videos, with interactive audios, that capture the attention of those who use this network. LinkedInIt is the professional platform for networking par excellence. Here the content is of great importance, because it allows us to impact users according to their interests and job searches. It can be said that it is the most important social network that businesses use to do B2B today, therefore, it is key to take into account its usefulness when developing a social media plan for your brand. Choosing the perfect social network for your brand is a great challenge. Here we present three fundamental keys as it is: define your SMART objectives, determine the type of social network and its characteristics. Based on these three points, we can recognize where our target interacts and maintain communication with them.

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