This is how email marketing will be in 2021: do not stay in spam

Although the last months of the year have flown by, 2020 is already coming to an end, so it is a good time to know all the news that email marketing will have in 2021. And you know how this works, you have to renew or die.

According to data from a study carried out by MailRelay, 46% of the people surveyed prefer to use email as a communication channel . This is a trend that online businesses and brands must keep in mind at all times,  Taiwan Phone Number List    so that they can focus their future marketing campaigns.

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But do you know how this strategy has evolved in recent years? Are all emails effective?    Taiwan Phone Number List   Will it only be enough to send a weekly email where you tell the latest news about your business?

The truth of this is that more and more customers are looking for a type of marketing that is much more personalized , so that it is fully adapted to their behaviors and tastes. But without neglecting a design that is attractive and beautiful.

If you don’t offer them what they are looking for, they will most likely unsubscribe from your newsletter list. Therefore, it is important that you know all the trends that email marketing will have in 2021 so that you can apply it to your campaigns and have guaranteed success.

Learn how it will work in email marketing in 2021
Take note of the future trends that this strategy will have, because you will need them in everything new that is to come. Here are some of them for you to put into practice for next year.

A.- Inbound in email marketing will continue to be important
Inbound Marketing

Do you know what an inbound marketing strategy is based on ? With it, you will be able to produce and distribute quality content , so that you educate your audience while avoiding generating an open sales pitch.

The objective of this is that you can build trust in your brand. This you will achieve while you are sharing content that solves the problems of your users. In turn, seek to educate your audience instead of sending emails where you are trying to sell.

On the other hand, the outbound marketing aims is presumed that the benefits that your product or service so that you achieve get new subscribers and hook. In this way, potential customers will come to you by having their own initiative.

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But what is the result of this? Inbound marketing will attract potential customers who are interested in your business and who are more likely to become customers naturally. On the contrary, outbound marketing is presented as an offer with which to share information and offer your product to potential customers.

As subscribers get tired of emails that are aimed at selling, they will engage much more with emails that are going to provide them with more educational or interesting information . Incorporating Inbound content into your email marketing strategy in 2021 is going to be the way to a great future for your brand. So start adapting it today.

B.- Subscribers will have more control of the emails they receive
Most subscribers hate spam emails as they litter their inbox and that is often very annoying. Many of them have to change the email address, because the previous ones are saturated with spam, so it is very difficult to find emails that really matter to them.

Fortunately for you, this has changed and will continue to change. Marketing experts have found that there is not much value to be gained from sending emails to users who do not want to receive them . By doing this, you are increasing the cancellation of subscriptions, so your brand will suffer the consequences in its image and its reputation.

By 2021 you will see that many more companies will be using these mechanisms that will allow customers to select the type of mail they wish to receive.

Instead of having a button that says “I want to unsubscribe” , marketers will offer options to opt for some emails and not others . And this you will be able to achieve in a very easy and simple way with the help of web forms .

C.- The tone and communication of the emails will be more informal
Los millennials ya se encuentran listos para poder superar por fin a la generación de los baby boomers como los mayores consumidores online de los próximos años. Al momento de tomar una decisión, suelen ser más tranquilos y más informarles en comparación con la anterior generación.

In the past, people who were engaged in the use of email marketing , used a writing tone that was much more formal and strict . Well, you should know that for email marketing in 2021 this is going to change and will continue to change.

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As millennials become CEOs of their own companies, being one of the largest consumer groups in the market, marketers will have to adapt the way they “speak” to the audience through email.

Having a humorous tone is going to become more common than you might believe . Specialists are going to become more “playful” when sending their emails, as this produces a feeling of closeness and humanizes the brand.

Some techniques for you to use email marketing in 2021
If you want your email marketing campaigns to be successful in 2021, here are some techniques for you to use them and your business to bear fruit:

1.- Interactive emails
Interactive emails

As you hear it, it will not only be enough for you to write a text and accompany it with an image in an email, but your clients seek to be able to interact with the content that you are presented , and that allows them to have a more complete experience.

But what can you do to get your subscribers to actively engage with your content? To achieve this, there are many tools that you can turn to:

A.- Video marketing
Without a doubt, video marketing has been one of the kings of the Internet in recent years. Since YouTube became a search engine, it has had great growth, being one of the main protagonists in the revolution that video marketing has had .

Studies affirm that 85% of users consume content on the Internet through video format . Therefore, this is a very relevant piece of information if you want to integrate it into your strategy, since the video format and email marketing are not an exception at all.

B.- Purchases ‘in situ’
Email Marketing in 2021: On-site Purchases

Surely you have been able to realize that some social networks are implementing this on their platforms. In this way, they offer the business that they have a possibility to generate many more purchases in the same applications .

The fewer steps the user takes to complete an action, the more likely they are to complete the process. If you allow purchases ‘in situ’ , depending on the medium where the user finds them, the conversion rate will be increasing .

Thanks to this, you will generate more sales and you will be giving the user an easier and more fluid way to make purchases.

C.- Drop-down menus
This is a great option that email marketing will have in 2021 if you have an e-commerce and want to increase your sales. With the use of drop-down menus you are giving subscribers the option to select only the information that really interests them instead of showing it all.

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If this is not the case, it could turn out to be quite overwhelming for users, as it will be an email that no one will want to read completely.

2.- Personalization
Personalized emails

Another great trend that the year 2021 will have in terms of email marketing will be the hyper-personalization of content, depending on the behavior of each user.

In this way, it is essential that you have an email marketing provider that allows you to analyze the data that each user throws at you . Thus, you can offer them personalized emails based on, for example, the latest purchases they have made or their interests.

The good thing about this is that at MDirector we have an email marketing platform so that you can get the best out of this trend.

Thanks to the analysis of this information, you will be able to program behavioral algorithms for each client you have and, thus, offer them what they are looking for through your strategy.

In this way, your sales ratio will increase, leaving buyers happy because you will be giving them content that is of interest to them and not unnecessary spam.

3.- Storytelling
Email Marketing in 2021: Storytelling

There is nothing in the world that has more power than a well-told and structured story. The stories will connect, in a much more powerful way, with your brain .

This is done due to an inherent function that your human psyche has, known as emotion . If you can get excited, you will be creating a more lasting and solid bond with your consumer .

However, how can you apply this to email marketing? Very simple, you can program a sequence of emails while you tell the story of your business, how it started, the mistakes it has had and the successes. If the story is more human and real, it will have much more emotion.

What do you think of these email marketing trends in 2021? If you want to implement them in your business and you don’t know how, at Antevenio we support you with your Email Marketing strategies so that you can design your emails yourself and have great success . Don’t wait until 2021 and try this now!

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