This has resulted in it moving from third to first on the list as the most valuable brand in the world.

The counterpart in this fight of the titans Amazon vs. Google has suffered from this second brand. Google has moved to the third position with a ranking of 309,000 million dollars. Some of the secrets by which Amazon has ousted Google in this position is mainly due to the following factors. Amazon has been carrying out a strategy to expand its business along different lines. 1.- Customer service polic This is one of its great secrets. Amazon has known how to prioritize the customer in its business . In fact, the customer has always been placed at the center of Amazon’s decisions. Within this policy towards the user is to scrupulously attend to the customer’s shopping experience. One aspect of this is that Amazon is very careful about its return policy. In this sense, avoiding returns or limiting them to a minimum is one of Amazon’s biggest challenges. 2.- The variety in the offer of products This is another of the fundamental secrets for the key to success of Amazon. The Jeff Bezos group has been able to adapt to the market since its inception. Amazon was born as an online book sales platform and above all it knew how to adapt to the needs of the market. It began to explore other markets and products until it became the giant we know today.  how to get a database of phone numbers For this reason, getting your customers to find and discover on Amazon the product they are looking for among all the diversity of products, is one of the great challenges of Amazon. 3.- Speed ​​and logistics Speed ​​is another of the keys to Amazon vs Google . The speed of shipments has to do with another of its great keys, efficient logistics.

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In this digital world, the Amazon buyer is used to making purchases at the click of a button. The step of the purchase through the shopping cart that appears on the screen and its physical arrival at your home in the shortest possible time is one of the great differences with other online sales platforms . Logistics is key for a business,  Phone Number List   and Amazon is well aware of it. The consequence of an agile and efficient logistics capacity towards the client results in higher sales growth of around 30% or 40%. Shortening the time of receipt of the product physically from the moment it has been purchased online is one of the pillars of Amazon. For optimal achievement of this process, Amazon has physical warehouses distributed in the most strategic locations. All this in order to shorten delivery times. It’s not just about speed, it’s also about efficient customer experience management. The company can control how long a shipment can take to announce it to the customer. Before it was common for orders to take a week to arrive. Now there are products that can even reach the customer the same day. 4.- Competitive prices Another factor that differentiates Amazon vs Google is prices . Amazon’s strategy is not based on discounts or specific campaigns. Their goal is to offer the most competitive prices on the market every day of the year.

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