Think outside the app | 10 tools to improve your Instagram

Last Updated March 20th, 2019 at 11:56 amIn recent times, Instagram has become one of the most important social networks in the world : its visual layout makes it ideal for displaying products and showing off the most creative part of a company.In addition, Instagram does not stop growing: especially within the younger audience. In the last year, the number of active users increased by 25% and climbed one position in the residential phone listing uk in 2019 report prepared by We are Social in collaboration with Hootsuite.For companies looking to have a strong social presence, Instagram is crucial. However, keeping track of all the important elements can be challenging using the native app alone.To take advantage of the full potential of Instagram, you have to “think outside the app” . It is advisable to use other tools that help us keep track of publications, comments, followers who have stopped following us, schedule posts, analyze trends or manage multiple accounts at the same time.In this article, we show you some of the tools that can help you1) Stories app: Hype typeIf you are interested in tuning your insta-stories, Hype Type is a good option. This application offers fonts for all tastes and has a large number of animated fonts and video editing tools to dazzle your followers.2) Editing: AfterlightIt is difficult to compete with the 800 million active users of Instagram using only the 24 standard filters it offers. Afterlight takes photo editing to another level with a sophisticated and hyper-complete filter pack . It lets you add trend-setting analog-style filters, custom frames, and choose color temperatures.

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3) Design: A Color Story Have you seen those feeds that have an enviable color palette? This app can help you achieve that. A Color Story has more than 100 different filters and effects to color your feed. Although the basic version is free, if you like it a lot you can invest in some effects and filter UK Phone Number List .Price: Freea color story4) Programming: LaterThis application is very useful to keep a well updated calendar and manage the planning of different accounts in the simplest way.Price: Frelater app 5) To link to the web: Instagram Feed PlannerIt is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display images from any public Instagram account on your website . You can combine multiple accounts in the same feed or create separate feeds. If you use WordPress, Instagram Feed Planner is a great way to show off your Instagram on the web and attract more attention and followers.Price: Freeinstagram fee6) Management: PlanolPlanoly allows you to move photos within a dashboard to achieve a cohesive feed . It is very useful to program the order of the images because you can see in advance in which arrangement they would look better. That is to say, that the progression of photos is coherent in tones, brightness and theme . In addition, it allows you to program stories.Price: Freplanoly7) To achieve greater reach: All HashtagIt is a hashtag search engine for different social networks, such as Instagram. From the keywords of your sector, this application generates different possibilities of hashtags for your publications. For example, if you enter the word “travel” in the tool and select the “top” option, the application suggests the 30 most relevant hashtags that contain that word. Then you can copy them and put them directly in your next photo or video.Price: Freeall hashtag8) General analysis: iconosquareIconsquare is like a kind of yellow pages for influencers. This application explores the relevant community (including the competition) and identifies the most notable influencers in your field . In addition, it allows you to obtain a lot of information about the activity of your Instagram account, the most effective posts and hashtags, the growth in followers and more9) Performance: Instagram InsightsA very useful Instagram tool for business accounts, with which you can see the overall performance of your account and the results of your publications, get information about your followers and other data that can help you perfect your strategy. It is super complete and free.

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