These were the most searched topics in the Google search engine in 2018

Every year Google, the most used search engine in the world, publishes its data on the relevant terms, words and news most searched by Internet users around the planet.Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry, was the person who aroused the most interest in the search engine in the year to end globally, according to the list published by the American company from its Google Trends platform .The Duchess of Sussex, who married in May and announced in October that she was pregnant with her first child, was already among the most list of mobile numbers in uae names last year.While in 2017 Hurricane Irma took first place, this year another hurricane in the form of a sporting event captured all the attention globally: the 2018 World Cup in Russia.The second most sought-after term internationally after the World Cup that crowned France was Swedish DJ Avicii, whose unexpected death on April 20 at age 28 shocked his many fans.It is estimated that around 92% of online inquiries are carried out through Google, and the technology giant refers to the terms that are “trending”, that is, that have grown the most during the last 12 months.
Let’s start the digital transformation of your company – Click hereWhat were the most searched terms on Google in 2018There were also other deaths that sparked thousands of searches: that of the young American rapper Mac Miller, who died in September at age 26, that of Stan Lee, the creator of several Marvel superheroes in November, at the age of 95, and that of the chef. and American presenter Anthony Bourdain who died in June at 61.It was not all bad news. Also much sought after was the blockbuster superhero film that won a new Oscar category, “Best Popular Picture” Black Panther , and in which, in fact, Stan Lee appears.Hurricane Florence, which made landfall in the southeastern US in September, also generated many clicks, as well as the royal wedding between Prince Harry of England and Meghan Markle (who was the most searched person on Google), the Mega Millions, the American lottery and Stephen Hawking, which was the ninth most searched term after his death in March.Search trends in Latin America during 2018Although Google does not produce results by region – only by country (and there are exceptions) – several terms coincide between those that were searched in different Latin American nations.

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In addition to the World Cup (which in Spanish was searched as “World Cup 2018” or “Russia 2018”), Latin UAE Phone Number List Internet users were very interested in Freddie Mercury, who was the most sought-after celebrity in Mexico and appears on the Colombian lists. Costa Rica, Panama, Peru and Puerto Rico. Of course, the film that recounts his life, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, was also among the most sought after in several countries in the region.There was another singer, this time Latino, who was also much sought after in the region: Luis Miguel. The name of the Mexican singer born in Puerto Rico was among the most searched in Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico. The fault lies with the television series that Netflix premiered this year.And another sporting event that aroused interest in Latin America was the Copa Libertadores, but especially the final of River Plate against Boca Juniors (Internet users looked for it as “Boca vs River”), which was finally played in Madrid on September 9. December.Of course, there were specific events that aroused more interest in each country. For example, in Argentina, the country where the G-20 summit was held, this event, together with the controversial (and rejected) Abortion Law, was the most sought after after the World Cup.On the other hand, in Brazil, the general elections – and, of course, Jair Bolsonaro, the now president-elect, was a trend on Google. And a related question: “What is fascism?”Chile and Peru are the only two countries in the region analyzed by Google in which the World Cup did not win in searches. In the case of the former, the most sought after was “climate” (the country is emerging as the main candidate to host the COP 25 on climate change), while in Peru, Elections 2018 and footballer Paolo Guerrero were sought.In Colombia, there were events such as the anti-corruption consultation and the national census, which took place between January and October 2018, which aroused a lot of interest.On the other hand, in Costa Rica it was the national elections, influenced by the evangelical churches of that country, which drew attention, in addition to a question: “What is a secular state?”The Fire Volcano in Guatemala -and its new eruption in November- the Champions League, the Mexican president-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), the Fortnite video game and the rescue of children from a cave in Thailand were other events of interest among Latin Americans.As for musical hits, the most sought after in several countries in the region was “Te boté”, performed by Puerto Rican reggaeton Nicky Jam and rappers Nio García, Darell and Casper Mágico. But he did not achieve anywhere near what “Despacito” achieved last year,

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