then arouse consumer interest with a direct question: “Do you have the 15 points of the card?”.

In this way, they manage to catch the user’s attention so that they pay more attention until the end. Wish : here they offer you the promise of your product. They tell you that they will give you the discount that has ever been given to you by an insurance company. Action : Finally, comes the call to action. They give you the phone number so you can get in touch immediately. In addition, at the end of the advertisement they also offer you advantages in your home insurance. It is a very short but attractive and entertaining ad. It attracts attention, arouses interest, offers a solution and finally guides the user towards the purchase. This is why it is so effective and impressive. 2.- Application of the AIDA method in Facebook Ads ads examples of the AIDA method Another example of the AIDA method is easy to find in any Facebook Ads . Most of the companies follow this scheme to write their ads on social networks.
Image and video are important to capture the attention of users. But it is the ad text that will end up convincing the consumer. This example shows the most effective way to write an ad to convince the user and guide them towards conversion. telephone number database   Attention : the first sentence of the ad is a question addressed to the reader in order to capture their attention. In addition, it involves you directly by verbalizing a wish of the user. Interest : once the attention is captured, the aim is to awaken the interest of the user.

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For this he talks about the direct benefit of using the offered methodology. Name some of the most powerful companies that have achieved success thanks to his method. Wish : The third paragraph is meant to tell the reader what benefit they are going to get. In this case, it is about accessing a webinar on lead and customer generation.  Phone Number List  Something that stands out is the fact of highlighting the word “free” in capital letters. This serves to reinforce the consumer’s desire and push him towards the last phase. Action : The call to action is finally found. Its objective is to obtain records of people interested in receiving the free training. And, in fact, this is also reinforced in the title of the ad, in which the word free is also highlighted. 3.- A persuasive copy in email marketing NH newsletter The email marketing is one of the marketing strategies even more ROI today. Therefore, many companies can serve as examples of the AIDA method in writing sales emails. Like this example from NH Hoteles: Attention : to attract attention use an attractive image and a question at the top;

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