The virtual currency competes with the money of a lifetime

These are e-transactions such as Bitcoin or Drago that begin to permeate among users and with which items or services can already be purchased without having to pay with centralized currency, if not through the value that users want to give to your virtual operationsThe money is no longer constant or cold, it is also virtual. And it is that, as the expert in social networks Juan Merodio comments , the power of the Network is being such that it not only generates social relationships or business. It also creates new pay currencies that are beginning to overshadow the euro or the dollar. “The Internet is not only a generator of companies, new afghanistan cell service niches or interpersonal relationships. Every day cyberspace is revealed as the place for the greatest creation of ideas. The power of user connections through the Internet is such that interesting economic-social movements are beginning to take place capable of creating different decentralized payment currencies that are foreign to any government ”, says Merodio.


For this reputed 2.0 professional, it is enough to look at two fully topical examples to be aware of this new Afghanistan Phone Number List trend as well as social: Bitcoin and Drago. “We can think well of bitcoin -the electronic currency of indirect exchange that does not depend on the values ​​set by a bank or central institution and that is fixed through the value that users want to give it and of which there is currently a total of 9.8 million bitcoins in circulation with a total value of 96 million dollars – well in the Drago, the new currency that the Canary island of La Palma intends to extend as a local currency system. In both cases what is happening is something unusual: we want to establish a new virtual currency that generates and is the form of payment for a large part of online transactions ”,Finally, Juan Merodio highlights that for Bitcoin, Drago or any other new virtual currency that may appear in the future to be used in a massive way, only one ingredient is needed: viralization. “As everything is initially scary due to ignorance, but it is clear that the viral power of the networks will help to make them known and as soon as we see that our friends use them and it works well, little by little that fear will be removed and we will end up using them with the greatest naturalness ”, concludes this renowned speaker and writer.

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