The simplest thing is to use the username of the person you want to add.

Generation Z has a great capacity for conceptualization. In addition, they are better suited to images and symbols and less difficult to understand messages. In fact, it is already clear that the future of brands is in generation Z. They are completely digitized users who have grown up with new technologies. They are creative and competitive but also very reactive. What makes them a more difficult target to reach. In addition, they are great content generators. They are attracted to all that original content and, therefore, this type of visual, spontaneous and fun content adapts so well to this audience. Therefore, F3 can open a new world of possibilities for brands. Although it is a very recent social network and we will have to wait to see its impact in terms of advertising and marketing. How the social network F3 of questions and answers works Now that you’ve been able to get an idea of ​​what F3 is, it’s time to unravel all its secrets. Actually, its operation is very simple. This application works practically the same as Instagram. Allows you to post on your feed , send private messages, search for posts and users, etc. All you have to do to start using it is download it from the device’s Store and create a user profile. This can be done via email, or by using an existing Instagram,  active cell phone number list  Twitter, or Facebook account. In case of using the Facebook profile, F3 will get the list of friends from the social network. After completing the registration, the user must choose a name that is available and unique to him. If you already have all this configured, below you will find a guide on what is F3 and how its options work.

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As soon as you create your profile, F3 allows you to share it through a link either in an Instagram story , on the Twitter or Facebook profile.  UAE Phone Number List  So you can get more interactivity by getting more questions. The procedure is very simple. You just have to press the button to share your F3 link on the home screen and select where you want to share it. 2.- Search for new profiles to meet new friends To understand what F3 is is to know that it is not a game application, but a true social network . Therefore, it allows you to search for users and add new friends . You just have to click on the magnifying glass button at the top of the screen, in the options bar. Here you will get several options to add friends. You can search for them by username, by code or even add contacts from Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Once the name has been entered, the application itself will search for all the profiles that match that name. 3.- How can you ask your friends and other profiles As soon as you have contacts and friends on your profile, you can start asking questions. There are two ways to do them. The first is to press the “+” button on the home screen and type the question. By giving the following, a list of contacts will be displayed and you will be able to select the recipient of the question.

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