The power of an optimized Landing Page: advice from Pablo Penadés at RD on the Road CDMX

Learn, through the advice of Pablo Penadés, how an optimized Landing Page will help you achieve your goals within Conversion Philippines Phone Number List  Today’s consumer is surrounded by an incredible amount of messages that are constantly seeking their attention. In this fight to achieve the conversion of your potential client or lead, the creation of effective Landing Pages is one of the strongest strategies to generate results.Now, what should we take into account to create a conversion-optimized landing page? In our first two RD on the Road outside of Brazilian lands, Pablo Penadés was in charge of giving us a good guide in this regard. Penadés, full-stack marketing manager at Unbounce for Spain and Latin America, is a recognized specialist in acquisition and conversion techniques.Let’s see some of the lessons he left us in his conference:Data of interest:Within the hyper-connected world we live in, there are data that we have to pay special attention to: 0.1 seconds is the time it takes people to create a first impression of others.0.05 seconds is the time it takes your visitor to create a first impression of your website.2.6 seconds is the time a user needs to decide whether to stay with you or leave.120 daily emails received per person in the work email.Given this drastic panorama, it is important to influence the conversion of the Lead from the first moment, since as Penadés mentions, due to the amount of competition, the attention of the Leads towards our messages decreases with the passage of time:ct leads to conversion? There are several strategies at this stage: Media Pay campaigns, Email Marketing , Adwords , to name the main ones. However, a very common question arises at this point in the strategy: is it better to direct traffic to my website or to the Landing Page?At this point, our lecturer comes out in defense of the Landing Pages and tells us about their advantages:

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The Landing Pages are dedicated to a Philippines Phone Number List campaign.They have only one purpose: conversion.They focus on stimulating the purchase intention of the Lead.They avoid distractions and get to the point.This makes a lot of sense, since within the homepage of a brand there are many types of actions that the Lead can do, when browsing and exploring the site, but that will deviate from the objective of our campaign.2. Stay focused:After you have the attention of your Lead, you must keep it active within your conversion flow. For this it is important to make a correct connection between the message and the design. Some important tips that will help you in this task are:Ensure that the promotion information and the information within the Landing coincide so that the Lead is sure that he is going to get what he wants.
Hero Shot – A credible photo or video that shows relevance, context, value, and emotion to help achieve conversion.Measure the loading speed of your Landing Page.Take care of the size of the photos present and compress them to the maximum.Focus the focus of your Landing Page on the conversion (Single action)3. Direct attention:In the words of Pablo Penadés himself, this stage consists of aligning all the elements of the page towards conversion. How do we do that? Here are some tips:Use directional clues within the Landing Page (Arrows, images, lines) to direct the Lead’s attention to the conversion area.Exploit the credibility resource: add testimonials, customer logos, press appearances or chat bots thatallow you to demonstrate that your company is trustworthy.Design and space: take care of every detail in this area to guarantee a pleasant user experience.4. Call to action:This last section is dedicated to the CTA or Call to action of our Landing Page. This button is the element that closes the conversion within our landing page, so it is important to take care of it.What elements should you take into account when creating your CTA? Here are some important facts:Marry the contrast: an efficient CTA is one whose color makes a perfect contrast to the other colors on the Landing Page.Add multi-step forms and error checkers to make conversion easier.Take care of the words: by using the correct text of your CTA, you can finish closing the conversion flow.In summary:An optimized landing page will help you maintain and direct the attention of your visitors towards conversion. By avoiding distractions within the page, having all the constituent elements aligned and reinforcing the call to action, you will achieve optimal conversion rates within your landing pages.As Penadés shows us, the conversions generated by this improved page, together with a correct nutrition work of the Lead and a constant review and improvement of our ROI , will considerably improve the results of your strategies, which translates into what all we seek: more income for your business.


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