The main objective is to make the brand known. For this reason,

the means used for this are usually traditional means of communication. These are easy supports to access a large audience.It is a type of advertising that requires a large financial investment. Using mass media means, of course, having a greater reach for the companies that use it. Above the line advertising has typically been basically analog advertising until now. The communication media most used in ATL campaigns have been advertising spots on television, radio and in the press. The trilogy of mass media channels. With below the line advertising the procedure is different. What makes the difference between ATL Advertising Vs BTL Advertising is that the latter is directed towards specific specific audiences. The reach is probably less than ATL advertising, but the goal is to target specific user segments. That’s why conversions are important in below the line advertising . Unlike ATL’s advertising activities, BTL campaigns, due to their own characteristics, rely more on digital media. Although both activities were born at the same time, the truth is that the digital environment adapts perfectly to the way of advertising below the line.  dubai mobile number list   The capacity offered by social networks and the digital environment in terms of segmentation and penetration in market niches is more specific. Therefore, below the line advertising activities find their ideal space in environments such as email marketing, advertising campaigns on social networks or the generation of landing pages .

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One thing to consider in the debate between ATL Advertising Vs BTL Advertising is the necessary investment.  UAE Phone Number List  BTL campaigns require less investment than those aimed at a larger audience. The fact that we are trying to reach more segmented audiences allows us to focus the investment and, therefore, reduce it. If you decide to bet on ATL advertising, the media to be used will therefore be those that dominated mass advertising of the 20th century: As a communication channel, it responds to the characteristics of ATL. The audience spectrum as a channel covers the entire age spectrum. Of course, your message can be segmented in certain programs by segmenting audiences. Really the power of using radio as an ATL advertising channel is its transversality. Advertising messages through the radio have a greater capacity for penetrating audiences . The potential of radio spans a very large arc of user. On the other hand, one of the characteristics of radio is that its messages are ephemeral. For this reason, in this channel, the constant emission of advertisements is not perceived as a spam-like bombardment in the digital environment. The user will accept more continuous and intermittent messages through this channel.

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