The loss of importance of organic results with their respective decrease in CTR .

As well as the effective use of the structured data already discussed in the previous point. The paradigm of web pages has already changed. It is not about thinking how you can adapt your site to a mobile vision and usability . On the contrary, the design and practicality of a page must already be born from a 100% mobile perspective . And this implies that you take into account many aspects, the User Xperience (UX) being the primary of all of them.4.- Voice Searches and how they are already affecting Web Positioning SEO strategies in 2020: voice searches The fact that around 75% of searches on Google are made through mobile devices has also brought with it other trends that you should take into account when considering the SEO strategies in 2020 that you are thinking of putting into practice. This is the case of voice searches. It is estimated that by 2020 around half of the searches that will be made on Google will be through voice . Currently, 70% of users under 30 years of age regularly use this type of search mediated by voice. This data has been partly as a consequence of home automation devices that have been ” democratized ” over the last year: voice assistants from Google and Amazon, primarily. Those brands that bet on these search channels and work on branded content through skills in Alexa or actions in Google Home will have a great business opportunity. Do you think that those mentions of your brand, but that do not link you,  free belgium phone number  have any influence on the Positioning of your Web? Recently Bing surprised with some statements in which they argued how they made use of ” unlinked mentions “, that is, mentions without a link, for their own search results. A statement like this suggests that surely Google also takes this variable into account for its own classification. Which makes a lot of logic, since it is clear that the Authority has always been a key positioning factor.

See also  like Amazon, is that it offers great discounts on its products.

In this sense, if a web page receives links from other authoritative domains, this signal is of vital importance for the search engine when it comes to understanding that the receiving web of that link building is ” important “.  Belgium Phone Number List  And therefore you need to teach it in your results in a prominent way. If this benefit was certified up to now by following the routes left by the marked links, it is not surprising that it can also be certified today through those mentions that do not link. Therefore, strategies focused on branding, on the development and notoriety of a brand are also, in turn, SEO Strategies for 2020 that are effective and with a great return on investment. In addition, those searches that users carry out using long-tailed keywords that contain the brand name will also indirectly, or perhaps not so indirectly, benefit the web positioning of the brand’s site. Do you want to improve the organic positioning of your website? At Antevenio we can help you achieve this in 2020 with effective SEO strategies .

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