the key to its success is to offer the best experience to its users.

PC Components occupies the fifth position as one of the ecommerce that sells the most in Spain. Although it is not one of the oldest platforms, it was born in 2005, its progression is going at a very good pace. With € 314,000,000 in revenue, its business focus is on the sale of computer and technology products. A fact that confirms the projection of this platform is the recent recognition in the ecommerce awards. PC Components was awarded for its omnichannel strategy, marketing, innovation and great results. One of its weapons is the customer service policy. Its efficiency in providing technical assistance to consumers has provided this platform with great levels of loyalty in this market. As they say from PC Components, Together with this, the commitment to innovation is another of the key pieces on its way to its success. Other giants of Spanish ecommerce that are not far behind But behind these large billings of the platforms that are in the top five positions, there are others that generate not inconsiderable traffic: Tourism is one of the great economic assets of Spain.  telephone listings australia  This is also reflected in the ecommerce of the tourism sector, as is the case of Booking, with 15.6 million traffic only during this past month of October.


The relevance of tourism continues to be confirmed by Tripadvisor, which follows Booking with a traffic of 11.5 million users. Carrefour is managing to increase sales with its new strategy change based on omnichannel.  Australia Phone Number List  His commitment to ecommerce is clear and resounding as presented in his 2022 transformation plan. In this new bet, its objective is to achieve 5 billion in ecommerce turnover. Last October, its platform obtained 10.3 million visits. The online sale of this chain grows unstoppably. This year their online sales have grown more than 30% . A progression that places Mediamarkt in the eighth position of ecommerce with the most traffic in the country. The estimate of visits to its platform during the month of October was 7.32 million. It could be said that the history of the ecommerce platform of this textile giant has just taken its first steps. The movements of this great giant have just begun and will clearly be climbing positions shortly. The reasons for predicting this are many. In less than ten years, it has managed to align its digital ecosystem to the main Inditex markets. On the other hand, the consumption habits of your buyer persona are ideal for developing a constantly growing ecommerce. Both the ecommerce characteristics and the purchasing habits of consumers of Inditex products are the perfect ecosystem to sell the products to their customers . An example is that within the Inditex group, only Zara is having a traffic of 7.16 million visits per month.

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