The Internet has gone from being essential to essential

The advantage of having spent so many years in digital marketing UAE Phone Number List is that it allows you to put things in perspective. When I started working in digital marketing, we were “four cats”, and I mean it literally. Both those who were dedicated to it and our audience were minimal percentages. The Internet was a promising trend, very promising (so much so that the digital bubble burst).In this time, we have gone from measuring Internet penetration to measuring mobile penetration, and in both cases, we have run out of scale. And we are looking for the next great innovation. We do not know if they will be innovations that come from afar or something new. We are talking about big data, voice, artificial intelligence, … or a combination of all of them. The Internet has gone from being essential to essentially one of the last episodes of my podcast (“ To sell, you don’t always have to sell ”), I was interviewing Aurora Llanos (IBM’s Digital Sales Manager), reviewing the changes suffered by digital sales due to COVID. In doing so, we saw a clear trend: the internet has gone from being essential to being essential. In the case of B2B sales we have seen how they are becoming more digital (the main topic of the interview), we see how for decades they have been looking for a way to optimize the sales process by shortening deadlines and travel. UAE Phone Number List

We have long seen how sales were becoming more digital, but there was a certain reluctance that they were complete. But COVID and confinement arrived and we found that digital selling was the only way. The result is that the “experiment” has not only worked but both buyers and sellers want it to continue like this. This means accelerating the digitization process of companies to the maximum. Either you are adapted to this process or you are left out. In certain sectors, you can run out of options. That is why the Internet has gone from being fundamental to being essential.

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If we look UAE Phone Number List at the history of the Internet with perspective, we see how the consideration of the Internet has grown: In its early years, we were the four early adopters trying to make sense of digital business in the context of low digital penetration. Then the digital bubble burst and the Internet became an outlaw in companies, a necessary evil. We were clear that it was the future, but so much money had been lost that the level of mistrust was enormous. From 2003-2004, with already considerable digital penetration, the numbers began to add up and the sector reactivated. Until 2020 we have been growing at full speed, made mistakes, experienced transformation processes, innovations, etc. But the Internet has been gaining consideration as a fundamental communication channel for any company. As of 2021, the Internet is no longer an option for a few and something fundamental for many others, to become an essential channel. The question is, what is the next innovation that will make us grow? Many are on the way, but there is still no bet as clear as the Internet or mobile phones.

COVID has caused a new digital revolution
In my opinion, this acceleration in the digitization of companies is creating an umpteenth digital revolution. Not in the technological sense, if not in the strategic one. COVID is supplying the definitive push for companies to launch. The problem with this impulse is that it is being done too quickly and out of order. We are experiencing a new wave of companies that say: “I want to digitize and get results now.” And obviously, this is not realistic. They want to start a process of years in months.

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