The importance of color in the user experience in an ecommerce

The first impression is what counts, and so much!When designing your ecommerce website, the choice and combination of colors is one of the most important points to take into account. When you start up your website, you should not make the mistake of choosing the colors because you like them, you have to choose the colors that will most influence your client so that he takes some action, the one you want him to do, the objective to achieve.Each color has a meaning. The colors you choose will influence the brand image, and will also help your customers recognize and remember you easily, there is a whole psychology behind color. That is why it is necessary to dedicate a little time and resources to this point since choosing a color for your project is more relevant than you imagine.From Windup we want to guide and advise you on the importance of color in an ecommerce so that the user experience in your retail business is a success from the beginning.How to choose the best color for my ecommerce?The first thing to keep in mind is that colors create and transmit feelings , sensations, memories, etc. Your goal is to attract a specific audience, therefore you have to investigate which colors are the most appropriate to attract their attention, so that when they visit your website they feel comfortable in it and stay as long as possible in it.

I give you the example of the Windup website, the predominant use of blue is due to the fact that it transmits calm and serenity, ideal for professional profiles and technology.What do we want to convey?The importance of color in the user experience in an ecommerce is an added and differential value for your what is a china phone number . When setting up your retail business, you must think about the feelings you want to convey to your customers and that it combines with the content that you are offering them.Here is a summary table with the sensations that colors convey.We are at the key moment, it is time to decide the color combination for your ecommerce, so it is time to take into account the following recommendations: It is recommended to use only two or three colors , the use of a greater number of colors can give the feeling of disorder and that the user gets lost in your web page and leaves it, which we do not want. Use a predominant color and another highlight, it is best that there is enough contrast between both colors.For the design to be attractive and the navigation on the page to flow, these colors must be in harmony and balance . If you are interested in knowing if the composition of your website is correct, you cannot stop reading web design in the retail sector, is my website well designed?How can I combine the colors?We present three variables to combine the colors on your website:1. Choose complementary colors , that is, colors opposite each other on the color wheel.

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2. Select analogous colors . These are the neighboring colors of a color, they are located on both sides of the chromatic wheel, they will bring harmony to the Germany Phone Number List . Go for monochromatic colors , this is nothing more than the same color in different shades.There are quite a few tools to choose the color palette on our website. One of them is Adobe’s CC Color Wheel . This tool is quite useful and gives you the option to implement the selection of complementary, analog or monochrome colors that I mentioned earlier.Tips for choosing colors from the web For the content of your ecommerce to be legible, it is advisable to use backgrounds with light colors such as white or different shades of gray. The call to action or CTA ( call to action buttons) require striking colors so that they do not go unnoticed in the eyes of the user.- Color helps guide your visitors and is essential to create emphasis throughout your website. Those areas that you want to highlight (headers, offers, navigation menus) should have colors that stand out so that the user directs his gaze towards them.Having seen all of the above, we cannot say otherwise that color is one of the most powerful elements in web page design. It has the ability to communicate the personality of your brand and influence consumer perception without saying a single word in a matter of seconds.It is worth taking some time and reflecting on the importance of color in the user experience of an ecommerce, don’t you think?

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