the Gamergy also allows attendees not only to enjoy with the best.

They can also play and take home a ton of prizes. And the best part is that it will be going head to head with the ambassadors of your favorite games. It is the reference gamer event in Asturias . Therefore, in a list of esports & gaming events in Spain in 2020 this event could not be missed. There, Overwatch, LoL or Magic The Gathering tournaments are held that bring together a large number of lovers of these titles. In addition, in Metropolis an arcade set is usually programmed with commercial games such as SuperHotVR, BeatSaber and Gorn. And attendees can enjoy games such as Fortnite, Overwatch or League of Legends. In addition, one more year, Pure Gaming will put at your disposal the best equipment so that the games run as they deserve. DreamHack is another of the esports & gaming events in Spain in 2020 of reference. In fact, DreamHack Valencia was recognized in 2017 by the Newzoo consultancy as the most important esports event in Spain. The event is part of an international network that was held for the first time in Sweden in 1994. An interesting fact that shows its potential for brands is that it has been awarded the Guinness record for the world’s largest digital festival in terms of visitors unique. Valencia is one of the 11 cities where it is celebrated: Malmö, Las Vegas, Jönköping, Leipzig, Austin, Tours, Atlanta, Denver or Montreal. In the 2019 edition, DreamHack Valencia received more than 65,000 visitors in total. Ticket types for Dreamhack Valencia There are 3 different types of tickets for the ninth edition of this event: During the day : It allows you to enjoy all the activities found in the Expo and Esports areas on July 5,  phone database   6 or 7. As well as enjoying all the competitions of the event on the international and national stages. Lan : Gives access to the LAN zone from the 2nd to the 6th of July.

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It also allows you to participate in official DreamHack tournaments. Lan VIP : In addition to what the previous one allows, the VIP pass includes a Welcome Pack valued at € 50 included (Gymbag + VIP T-shirt +  Phone Number List  Videogame Merchandising + 1 free Monster per day + Sponsor products) + Priority seat selection + Check-in without tails. There is a Bedroom Area to which all those attending the event with a LAN or competitor pass can retire to rest. But if there is an event with tradition in this sector in Spain, it is the Euskal Encounter. Its first edition was in 1994, 25 years ago. And last July, EE27 brought together more than 15,000 people in the Opengune, an area open to the public and free to access. But the Euskal Encounter is much more. In fact, this meeting of professionals and fans of computing and new technologies had more than 7000 participants in the Euskal Party, the space where they can take their equipment to navigate at speeds of 60 gigabits per second. Which places it as the fastest party in the State and one of the fastest in the world .

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