The four ad placements on Facebook

Last Updated October 1st, 2020 at 12:26 pmKnowing the ad placements on Facebook (their characteristics, their advantages) is essential for all Social Media . In our Digital mobile phone number directory uk Agency , we made a video to bring this information closer to those who are starting in the art of social networks. Enjoy it! And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to be the first to know about each of our new videos.Video transcriptHello, my name is Manuel and I am part of the MD team . Today I wanted to talk to you about the different options that Facebook offers to place your ads. There are four advertising spaces, both on mobile devices and on computers: Facebook , Instagram , Audience Network and Messenger . Let’s review the advantages and characteristics of each one:FacebookThe main location is the news section of Facebook itself . In the version for computers, it also covers the column for the right sector. It has a wide variety of supported ad formats: from video, photos and sequences, to presentations and canvas . It is the most adaptable placement in your ads, and the one that can reach the most users: there are more than two billion active users per month.We believe that it is essential in an awareness campaign where we seek greater remembrance of what we communicate.InstagramInstagram is the platform closest to the user. It allows them to naturally access our communication and it also has a large number of users: every day there are 500 million active accounts. Ads on Instagram can be in video, photo, sequence format, and also in the platform’s native Stories . These 15-second photos or videos achieve enormous visibility of our products.

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It is an application with a growing popularity among young audiences, so it is an excellent option for products or services that seek that target. UK Phone Number List This location option gives us the possibility to go directly to the Facebook messaging platform . Every month two billion messages are sent from the application. The allowed formats are photo and sequence. It is a direct and simple form of communication.Audience networkBy publishing in this location we have access to applications and sites outside Facebook : it is the best way to expand the display and have a complete communication. The formats supported in this location are video, photo and sequence, and you do not need to create new content assets for each website because Facebook adapts them automatically.ConclutionKnowing the four locations, you will be able to take greater advantage of the invested budget. You always have to choose the most relevant placements for each ad campaign, and it is always a good idea to try all possible combinations.Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to find out about the latest Digital Marketing news!

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