The CTA will take your potential customer to a form where they would have to provide their details to download your content.

In this way, you are capturing their details and they are getting something in return: it is a win-win situation. This is the most challenging phase of the journey. You have to convert your leads into donors . Don’t be frustrated if it doesn’t happen right away – some donors may need more time to trust your organization before they are ready to donate. The best way to build trust is to stay consistent with engaging content to keep it aligned with your mission. By using an Inbound Marketing Automation software tool and linking it to a robust CRM, you can streamline your efforts (store your leads, use automation to save time and money for all your communication, to track all your efforts much more). These tools help you stay in touch with your potential clients, volunteers and donors in a very individualized way, where they are. The journey does not end here. Once your leader has made a donation, your focus should be to keep your donors and nurture them to advocate for your NGO and its mission . Word of mouth advocates are always the best in terms of winning donors. Communication is key here and the best way to improve your content is through your audience. Activities like surveys can be used to gather feedback on  telemarketing list providers   your organization’s strengths and weaknesses , social media channels are there to monitor what matters to your volunteers, donors, and advocates. The key is to create personalized content for your audience, build trust, and grow the relationship over time .

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By utilizing a solid inbound marketing strategy, smart technology and engaging content will not only convert donors more easily,  Phone Number List but will also require less time and give you a much deeper understanding of your market than Hope’s Success and Hope approach. old school. When it comes to generating donations, use metrics that really matter rather than ones that just inflate trust. Be careful not to pay too much attention to “vanity” metrics, which include: Number of visits or page views: Better to count conversions , such as subscriber to donor or donor to recurring donor conversions. Number of downloads: This doesn’t tell you how or if the person used the content they downloaded. Instead, pay attention to the donations that come from downloading that content offering. Number of followers: A large number of followers on social media looks good, but are they really interested in what your organization has to say? Are they sharing your content and converting when they see a donation CTA? You have already seen how doing Inbound Marketing for NGOs contributes to improving results. Do you need a boost to apply this Inbound Marketing strategy ? Trust Antevenio: we will turn your potential customers into enthusiastic prescribers of your products .

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