The crisis changes consumer trends in favor of private labels

The effects of the crisis are beginning to be noticed among the trends and habits of consumers who now more than ever are betting on the purchase of private label products.The fall in consumption and the economic state of many families forced to control their expenses and encourage savings, is putting many of the big brands and manufacturers on the ropes.Undoubtedly, the time of crisis is presented as a great opportunity for all private brands that compete against those that for years have struggled to maintain a privileged position in the mobile telephone numbers australia , being recognized and generating a differentiating identity.The arrival of the crisis has changed the rules of the game and with it, consumer trends in favor of products that can save on purchases and where the brand factor seems to be beginning to lose the potential to which they have always Concepts such as quality, safety or exclusivity have been associated and where even the Packaging itself seems to lose its own functions and attributes.


The value of the large consumer brands seems to be in danger due to this change in habits and the increase in sales that the distributors’ products are registering. Something that is undoubtedly generating a confrontation and an open war between manufacturers, distributors and brands.In this regard, and recently, the Australia Phone Number List Group launched a campaign on telecinco in favor of brands.With a simple aesthetic, the spots created by PubliEspaña, in preferential positions during prime time, contain a common denominator in their messages: “The brand is commitment, employment, safety, quality. Brands add value. Consume branded products. We all win.Some popular companies and brands such as Danone or Johnson & Johnson claim and manifest the exclusivity of their own brands by ensuring that they do not manufacture for other firms.However, despite this self-defense, it is not very clear if for the consumer these will be enough arguments to continue betting on the large firms instead of continuing with their commitment to private labels in times of crisis.

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