The best Digital Marketing blogs in 2021

Since I was little I have loved reading and I have always considered myself a very curious person who is always trying to learn new things about different subjects. And this is something that comes in handy for me, since being up to date in this sector is very important, since practically every day there is news, and for this you have to read a lot and investigate whenever you have free time.
Do you want to learn more about Digital Marketing? I show you the list of blogs that I trust to keep up to date with the news of the sectorFor this reason, I want to share with you the list of blogs that I follow and trust to keep me up to date with the news in the sector. And for you to know them better, I recommend an article from each of the blogs on this list.
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40Fever – SocialMood40 fever
If you want to know a different and creative blog, this Socialmood blog is going to enchant you. They have managed to have a unique style both when writing and in the images they share. In his blog you will find content on any of the topics of digital marketing.
Shoot your visibility on Instagram
Alejandro-CastroAlex Castro
Álex is a very close person and a professional of advertising on Facebook and Instagram Ads. In his blog you will find advertising articles on social networks and social networks that will be of great help to you.

Social media advertising: What is it, types, advantages and disadvantages
Alex Izquierdo BlogAlex Left
Álex is a specialist in Facebook and Instagram Ads, so if you want to learn more about advertising on Facebook and Instagram, this blog will help you.
32 examples of ads that work for Facebook Ads
Álvaro-FontelaAlvaro Fontela
Álvaro is a WordPress consultant specialized in WPO and the co-founder of Raiola Networks. I love the design of his website and in his blog you will find everything you need to know to optimize your website in WordPress or your online store.
WordPress Security: Everything You Need To Know
Amalia López Acera
I knew his blog about social networks and Public Administration a long time ago, but since I attended his presentation at the DSM Valencia 18, from which I came out thinking about specialization as differentiation and what I was doing with my blog, it has become one of my favorite blogs.
10 free tools to manage social networks of public administrations
Ana-IvarsAna Ivars
If you want to learn more about Facebook Ads, you cannot miss the blog of this Facebook advertising crack. In his blog you will find advertising content on social networks, social media and digital marketing.

7 mistakes you should not make in your Facebook campaigns
Ana-BraidAna Trenza
Ana is a wonderful person and a great professional in the finance sector, something that you must take into account if you want to launch yourself into the world of entrepreneurship. On his blog, you will find numerous very easy-to-understand and very practical content so that you get the most out of your business.
Strategic plan of a company: what is it and what does it consist of?
Blog Andrea AnteloAndrea Antelo
Andrea is a Community Manager and you may know her by her name on social media Oletna. In his blog you will find content on social networks and digital marketing.
Guide: How to Create the Perfect Post for Your Instagram Giveaway
Angel Rosillo
Ángel has a blog specialized in video marketing, digital marketing and web design. Their tutorials, guides and tips are very easy to understand and have a very attractive design.
What are social networks? What are they for? Functionality and History
Classroom CM
The Aula CM school blog is one of the most complete blogs that I follow, they talk about social media, blogging, Content marketing and SEO.
Bruno Vázquez is the founder of the school and has a great team of professionals, many of whom appear on this list.

I also had the opportunity to have a class with him and I loved his simple and straightforward way of explaining things so that, whether or not you have a basis on the subject, you understand everything perfectly.
50 ways to work and earn money online from home
Help WPFernando Tellado’s blog is somewhat more technical than the others because it focuses on the part of web development with WordPress, but don’t be afraid, everything is explained in a way that anyone can understand.
I had the pleasure of having him as a teacher in the master I am studying and he seemed like a good professional willing to teach us and help us with our projects. And besides, I got a signed book from him!
How to install WordPress step by step (updated 2017)
Bego Romero
Bego is a web design and digital marketing professional with whom I share a classroom in the master’s degree at the Marketing and Web school and to whom I have great affection for everything that helps us to the rest of the students with our website and our doubts about WordPress.
She is a great professional and I am sure she will go a long way.
The 2018 Community Manager Calendar [+ Template]
Enrique – Photography BlogBlog Photography
If you are a photographer and want to improve your online visibility, you cannot miss the blog created by Enrique de Dios, a partner in the master’s degree and an SEO and SEM professional. Due to his work with professional photographers, he knows better than anyone what are the difficulties encountered when positioning their blogs or websites.


SEO for Photographers: How to position your photography website in Google
Germany Phone Number List is a professional of digital marketing and web design very cane and with a lot of personality. In his blog you will find content on digital marketing, social media, video editing and SEO.
How to edit YouTube videos with Premiere
Lorena – ComunicazenCommunicate ZenLorena is a social media manager and every week she uploads a new post on her blog about high performance content, copywriting, social networks and communication in a Zen key. Plus, he gives great tips on his Instagram account.
Can you close customers on Instagram with only 1,500 followers?
Elephant on the Net
It is a very original and fun blog about digital marketing, social media, SEO and blogging, which is made up of a married couple, Miguel Ángel and Miriam.
What is a corporate blog and what is it for?
I got to know his blog through Twitter and I quickly got hooked on his content on social media and digital marketing. He also talks about entrepreneurship.
How to do well a contest on Facebook?
Èlia-GuardiolaÈlia Guardiola
Èlia is a storytelling crack who can take you from laughter to tears in a matter of a few words. On his blog you will find content to learn about emotional marketing, experiential marketing, storytelling, content marketing, neuromarketing, cause marketing and branded content.

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Emotional marketing. The power of emotions
Ernesto G. Bustamante
Ernesto is a great web designer and on his blog you will find very useful and simple tutorials and guides to create your own web page. In addition, on his blog there is also content about Digital Marketing and SEO.
Guide to learn WordPress and make a website | Tutorial
School-marketing-and-webMarketing and web schoolThe Marketing and web school blog is essential reading if you want to learn everything you need to improve your online project. In it you will find content on digital marketing, social media, advertising, blogging, web design and SEO.
How to do a SWOT analysis
Esther-FrutosEsther Frutos
If you are thinking of becoming an influencer or making your personal brand profitable, you cannot miss Esther’s blog. In it you can learn about social media, influencer marketing and digital marketing. Plus, he gives great tips on his Instagram account.
3 reasons to campaign with influencers
Eva Collado Duran
I had the pleasure of being at Eva’s presentation at DSM Valencia 18, and I have to say that I was very impressed by her presence, her strength and her communication skills. His blog is about personal branding and digital transformation and he has written two books that are required reading.

Personal Brand: The ego, a bad travel companion #PersonalBrand
Fatima-MartinezFatima Martinez
If you want to be up to date with all the news from social networks, this is one of the blogs you should read. In his blog you will find content about social media, digital marketing and entrepreneurship.
Do you know the difference between fans and followers of your Facebook page?
Fernando-OnionFernando Cebolla
Fernando is a social media consultant and a very nice and funny person. In his blog you will find content on social media, digital marketing and entrepreneurship.
Types of social networks: what is a social network and how to use them professionally
Ismael ruiz
Ismael has a very complete blog, and with very good advice, on issues of digital marketing, social media, blogging, web design, SEO and online business.
What is a community manager? The Most Complete Guide for Beginners in Social Media
Javi-PastorJavi pastor
Javi is a copywriter and the creator of the “Adopt a copywriter” academy. He was one of the teachers we had in the master’s degree and if you want to have the texts on your website perfect so that they convert you, you have to follow his blog.
How to write the “About me” page of your blog
Javier-RodriguezJavier Rodriguez
Javier is a specialist in WordPress web design with Divi and another partner of the master I did. In his blog he shares content on blogging, web design, digital marketing and technology.

Divi Child Theme
Blog Jordi San IldefonsoJordi San Ildefonso
If you want to be up to date with all the news that appear on social networks, you cannot miss Jordi’s blog, where he talks about social networks and digital marketing.
How to use LinkedIn Stories for your brand or company
Blog Jorge AlfaroJorge Alfaro
Jorge is a great professional of advertising on Facebook and Instagram and a great person. In his blog you will find content about social networks and advertising on social networks.
The objectives of Facebook Ads campaigns: How and when to use them wisely?
Jorge-OrtegaJorge OrtegaJorge is another of my colleagues from the master’s degree and the organizer of the “Costa de Almería Digital Day” event. He is a marketing consultant and a great person. On his blog you will find content about marketing and digitization.
The External Digital Marketing Director
Jose FacchinJosé is a digital marketing trainer and consultant and has a blog where he talks about SEO, marketing, blogs and websites, social media, online business and tourism marketing.
In addition, it organizes two annual online digital marketing events that you cannot miss: Position yourself and Monetize yourself.
How to create a Facebook page for my business?
Juan-LinaresJuanca Linares placeholder image
Juan is a copywriter and the creator of the course “Copywriting in 21 days”. On his blog he shares content about copywriting and persuasive writing.
5 spelling mistakes that damage your website + Gallery of spelling horrors
Leti-BuendiaLeti Buendia
If you want to meet someone fun and different, you cannot miss Leti’s blog or her YouTube channel. In my master’s company’s blog, you will find content on communication and digital marketing.
How to overcome the fear of public speaking?

Lucia-LifeLucia Life
Lucía is a marketing consultant and entrepreneur mentor. On his blog and on his YouTube channel, he shares very useful and easy-to-understand content on productivity, creativity, marketing, storytelling, social networks and books for entrepreneurs.
Design your Action Plan step by step and achieve your goals
Lucia-RicoLucia and SEO
Lucia is a great woman with a lot of personalities and a marketing allrounder. You will love his posts, since he knows how to mix useful and practical content with his touch of humor with which he makes any topic enjoyable and fun. In his blog you will find posts about social media, SEO and entrepreneurship.
30 tricks to improve your web positioning
Luis Villanueva
Luis is an SEO and digital marketing consultant and has a blog with content on web positioning, digital marketing and YouTube, and a YouTube channel with very interesting and entertaining SEO videos.
He was one of my professors on the master’s degree and I was surprised by his intensity and his passion for the world of SEO.
SEMrush, analyze your Web competition
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Mabel cajal
Mabel is a tourism marketing and social media consultant and on her blog you can find content on social media, online reputation, tourism marketing, Inbound Marketing and content marketing.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media: 14 Things You Should Know
Blog Maggie RojanoMaggie Rojano
Maggie is a great professional in online advertising and social media. She has always caught my attention because of her personality and because she says what she thinks, although sometimes she herself has commented that it has hurt her. In his blog you will find content on social media, marketing, advertising and online sales.
TikTok for entrepreneurial millennials
Maïder-TomasenaMaïder Tomasena
Maïder is a copywriter and trainer in persuasive writing techniques. In his blog you will find everything you need to know so that your texts can transmit the value of your products or services.
The 6 questions a good copywriter asks to write the perfect ad
Blog Marja MoranteMarja morante
Marja is a professional in strategic copywriting and content marketing. In his blog you will find content on Copywriting and Content Marketing that you can apply on your website, your emails, your social media posts and even your WhatsApp status.
Page about me, about, about us: What to say and how to do it [+ examples]

Maria-ValeriaMaria valeria
Maria (also known by her Twitter username Bicha de Campo) is a web designer and entrepreneur advisor. In his blog you will find content on SEO, digital marketing, WordPress, design and entrepreneurship.
7 keys to living from your passion
Today’s MarketersToday’s Marketers
Today’s Marketers is one of the best digital marketing magazines, founded by Susana Albares. In it you will find posts about digital marketing, social networks, entrepreneurship, personal branding, trends, SEO, web design and events.
What is digital marketing or online marketing: Advantages and channels
Marketing and Web
I have been following your blog about digital marketing and social media for a long time and when I saw that your school was presenting a master’s degree, I decided and called to ask for information. What was my surprise when, waiting for someone hired to answer me, he picked up the phone himself and we talked for almost an hour.
Miguel is a great person who really wants to teach everything he knows, that pushes you and motivates you so that you can make a place for yourself in this world, and the reason why I decided to take the step, sign up for a master’s degree and start this blog.
How to delete your Facebook account
Blog Mary PymesMary SMEs
Goiuri is the professional behind all my rebranding, from the logo to the creatives that you can see on my social networks. She is a great person and a great professional in graphic design and social media. In his blog you will find very interesting content on graphic design and social networks.

Graphic design for social networks
Max Camunas
Max is a WordPress web designer and blogs about WordPress, digital marketing, social media, and blogging. In addition, on his website you can find a very interesting section in which he shares the tools and resources he uses in his web designs.
How to verify a Facebook and Twitter account
Metricool is an essential tool for analyzing and managing social networks, but on their blog they share very useful content on social networks, analytics, online advertising, content marketing and productivity.
How to reactivate an Instagram account?
Miguel Angel Trabado
Miguel Ángel is a professor of digital marketing in different schools and universities and occupies the 5th position, globally, in the “Top Marketing Professors on Twitter” list. In his blog he writes about marketing, technology and social networks.
In the DSM Valencia 18 I was able to see how good a communicator he is and how easy it is to learn with him and, after being my tutor for the final master’s thesis, I confirmed that he is a great reference as a professional and as a person.
Digital Marketing Plan. Definition of objectives
MJ-CachonMJ Cachón
MJ is an SEO crack that makes you easily understand web positioning even if you have no idea. In his blog you will find content on SEO, social networks and WordPress.
How to Set Screaming Frog from 0

Natalia-CodinaNatalia Codina
Natalia is a digital marketing consultant and on her blog you will find very easy to understand content about social networks, SEO and marketing.
Facebook Business Manager: What is it and how to configure it correctly
NeoAttack is an Online Marketing agency in Madrid, with a very complete blog that deals with Apps, Web Design, Marketing, Advertising, SEO and Social Media.
Banner Ads: World’s 100 Best Creative Examples
Noemi-AlonsoNaomi Alonso
Naomi is a strong person, very positive and very patient (or at least with me). In the blog of this compi of the master you will find content on analytics, CRO, UX and digital marketing.
CRO, what is it? 10 reasons to CRO
Oink my god
Oink My God is a very original and fun Online Marketing and Communication agency in Barcelona. In his blog you will find content on web analytics, blogging, Communication, email marketing, online marketing, SEO, SEM and social media.
7 tools to manage social networks that will increase your productivity

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Blog Optimize your FunnelOptimize your Funnel
If you have an online business and want to learn more about funnels and automation to increase your sales, this is the blog you should read. In Antonio’s blog you will find content on digital marketing, sales funnels, entrepreneurship, online advertising and automation.
How to create a webinar to increase your sales
Paola-SilvaPaola silva
Paola (also known by her username “Una Community Manager”) is a Content & Community Manager and a very nice person. In his blog you will find content on social media, digital marketing and entrepreneurship.
How to organize yourself if you are a digital entrepreneur and work from home
Pedro Rojas
Pedro is specialized in Social Media Marketing, digital strategy and HR management and has written several books on these topics.
In his blog he writes about blogging, coaching, entrepreneurship, personal branding, human resources, SEO and social media.
Growth Hacking Marketing: Digital Strategies That Make Companies Grow
Cloud Advertising
It is the blog of Carlos Miñana, digital marketing and social media consultant, where he talks about entrepreneurship, marketing, advertising and social media.
In addition, it has developed a very interesting methodology, called MAPAM, to help people achieve what they propose in just 5 steps.

Image measurement guide in social networks
Rafa Sospedra
Rafa is a great person and a great SEO consultant and web analyst. In his blog you will find content on blogging, eCommerce, online marketing, web positioning and social networks.
In the master, he gave us a great class on Google Analytics and Google Search Console in which I learned a lot in a simple and enjoyable way.
Screaming Frog: The Ultimate Guide
Raiola Networks
Raiola is a hosting company that is committed to great customer service. If you have a website and you like to learn about WordPress, this blog is essential reading, since you will find many posts that will help you make your website a professional and original site.
41 free professional-looking WordPress themes
Rachel-MartinRachel Martin
Raquel is a very nice and honest person and a professional Community Manager, copywriting and digital marketing, especially in the music and health sector. In his blog you will find content on mobile applications, copywriting, content marketing, emotional marketing, experiential marketing, music marketing, online marketing, SEO and social media.

7 essential musical social networks for your group
Rober-FloresRober Flores
Rober is a web designer and specialist in SEO and SEM. In his blog you will find content on SEO, SEM, web design with WordPress, social media, and digital marketing.

How to set up Yoast SEO for WordPress
Rosa-MorelRosa Morel
Rosa is a specialist in copywriting and neuro-sales. In his blog, you will find everything you need to learn to write persuasive texts on your social networks, in your emails, on your blog or on your website.
Step by step: how to write your copywriting texts
Ruben-AlonsoRuben Alonso
Rubén is close, humble, sincere, very funny and the author of the blog My web positioning. In his blog, you will find everything you need to know to make a living from your blog. In addition, he has created an app, called Gamage, to calculate the engagement of your Instagram account that you have to use now (if you have Android, if you don’t, you will have to wait for it to make the iOS version …).
How to create a blog step by step
Ruben Mañez
Rubén is a great person and a great colleague who shares his knowledge with everyone and always gives you great advice. In his blog, you will find very entertaining and easy-to-understand content about Digital Marketing, Social Media, Inbound Marketing, and Blogging.
How to Make an Effective Social Media Marketing Plan

Santos Muñoz
Santos’ blog is dedicated to SEO, SEM, social media, digital marketing, technology, web design and curiosities about the digital world. In this blog, you can collaborate with your content, since its intention is to form a community of professionals who share their knowledge.
Santos gave me the opportunity to start writing there and discover the world of blogging.
How to remove a URL indexed by Google?
SEMrush is a great tool to enhance your digital project and they have a blog with much useful content on marketing, branding, SEO, social media, analytics, PPC, and eCommerce.
What is feedback and how to enhance it on Social Networks?
Blog Sonia DuroSonia Duro
Sonia is a Social Selling professional and her favorite social network is LinkedIn. In his blog, you can find online business content, marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, blogging, and business psychology.
What is Content Marketing and why is it key to attracting customers
Thirteen bits
Manuel Moreno has a news blog on social networks, the Internet, technology, and telephony that is absolutely essential if you want to keep up to date with the latest news in this sector.
20 tips to take good photos on Instagram

Your website from scratch
José Peña is a web designer specialized in WordPress and a digital marketing consultant. In his blog, you will find posts about web positioning, digital marketing, WordPress, and social media, as well as various very complete tutorials so that you can learn to configure some essential tools in the world of digital marketing.
The 23 best paid and free WordPress templates
A Community Manager
It is the digital marketing, social media and SEO agency of Carlos Carbellido, in Valencia. In his blog he talks about social networks, digital marketing, SEO positioning and online advertising.

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