The AI of Google often interpret the words one by one.

1.- Understanding the context makes the machine more human Context is one of the most important elements of human language. It has a great importance in everything that a person does or says, since the meaning of the message will change completely based on it. It is precisely the context that summarizes the central axis of this update of the Google algorithm. The technology used by BERT enables Google to better understand all queries by using context to understand phrases as a whole and not as a series of single words . This, added to the fact that in natural language the sentences tend to be longer, makes it difficult to offer results that really fit what the user is looking for . With BERT Google aims to better understand how words are related to each other. 2.- Writing in a more natural way will be a reality Improve understanding based on contextWhen users search on the Internet, they often do not know what terms to use. Most of the time they build long sentences about the information they need. However, the results are not able to show a completely satisfactory answer. This update is supposed to offer a better user experience to people. The point is to better understand the language used by people regardless of how the words are spelled or combined to find out what exactly the user is looking for. In fact,  usa phone number list  on many occasions, queries are written with strings of words that are disconnected from each other because it is believed that the algorithm will understand them better.

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But of course, these are not actual phrases that people would use to ask a question. For example, difficult queries on a topic in which there is also not enough data: ” title of the book in which the protagonist travels to space with his dog” , will be easier for BERT to interpret to offer an answer that fits the context. 3.-  UAE Phone Number List  BERT allows you to better understand prepositions One of the main problems is that currently the algorithm is not able to interpret prepositions such as ” for ” and ” for ” . Usually, prepositions alter the overall meaning of sentences. Therefore, BERT constitutes an attempt by Google to better understand the search intentions of users . For digital marketers this also brings advantages. They can create content and use a more human language to position it. The searches from now on will be more comfortable and more natural. 4.- 1 in 10 searches are already processed by BERT There is still some time for the new algorithm to be fully implemented. In fact, 90% of searches still return results without BERT technology. However, the remaining 10% are already using it on a trial basis . If all goes according to plan, changes in non-English speaking countries will begin to be seen in the not too distant future. What is clear is that all this will mean a huge improvement in how people access information and content on the Internet . 5.- Analyze featured fragments even in other languages BERT: Featured Snippets of ResultsFeatured snippets are response boxes or direct responses from Google that appear on the results page as soon as you query. Although BERT is currently only working for US English, it is available in other languages ​​for this functionality. Natural language processing aims to better understand users and the longer queries made by them. In this way, Google will be able to offer a result that responds exactly to the query made by analyzing the context .

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