The advantages of offering free eBooks to your clients

When launching a digital content strategy, you must be willing to give it your all. The worst thing you can do is sit idly by waiting for users to take the first step. If you want them to interact with your website, (comment, fill out forms, etc.) you will have to give them something in return.If you want to encourage the acquisition of subscribers for your email marketing telephone numbers  strategy, or the achievement of leads for your promotional campaigns, a good option is to create a free eBook to download. Here we tell you some of the benefits you will get by creating an ebook and offering it for free:Schedule a digital consultancy for your business hereYou will get information from usersWhether you ask users to subscribe to your newsletter or perform some other social action such as leaving their data (name and email) to download, you will end up getting very useful information in theshort, medium and long term.You will have more visibilityFree content can go viral, which will make your brand go much further. The key is to personalize them so that they are recognizable as yours.You will get quality feedbackYou will be able to know what your users like and what not, if they download the eBook a lot, if they comment on it on social networks or share it.You will increase your web trafficThese types of actions make your page traffic skyrocket. Nothing like a good “word of mouth” that will make some users lead others to the download.


You will improve your Phone Number List When the content you offer in your eBook is useful and of quality, you will improve your reputation among users and colleagues in the sector, since you show what you know and can offer. This is something that in the long run creates value and reinforces your authority.You will spend very littleTo create a free eBooks you do not need to invest too much money, you only need to have the necessary knowledge about the subject you are going to address and some programs such as ArtStudio, Photoshop or Illustrator.You will boost your resultsProviding a solution to a recurring issue without requesting anything in return creates a bond of trust between you and the potential customer, and when this is done on a recurring and correct basis it can be really powerful to boost results.It is true that developing an eBook takes a lot of work and several hours of dedication, but if it is a good product, the benefits you will get will be quite a lot. So, now you know, don’t underestimate the idea of ​​generating quality content in different formats! If you want more information to develop an effective digital marketing strategy, do not hesitate to contact us, we want to help you be one of the best this 2019! Also, subscribe to our blog for more tips to increase your sales this year. Inbound Marketing Guatemala is already an option, find out what this means! Don’t be left behind.

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