The 8 video games with the most audience in Latam

Knowing the video games with the largest audience in Latam will help you reach a young audience interested in this content format . The video game industry has grown significantly in the Latin American market. The figures have increased both in the area of ​​development by companies and in the amount of purchases and downloads made by fans. According to a study carried out by the statistical agency, Newzoo , Latin America is the only market in which console sales are growing . Thus, a 9% annual increase in profits has been registered in this segment. The one with the highest growth being that of mobile phones, which had a year-on-year increase of 56%. Among all the countries, Mexico occupies the first place, obtaining 1,428 million dollars in July 2017. But it is followed very closely by Brazil, with 1,334 million and, in third place, Argentina, with 423 million. New era of video games
When mentioning consoles like Xbox or PlayStation 2, good memories will surely come to the minds of many people. Many probably still own one of these teams that keeps giving you hours of entertainment. But over the years, the companies in charge of developing video games have wanted to provide a more real and tangible experience . For what they have designed movement controls, vehicle steering wheels and even weapons, Hungary Phone Number List  giving you the opportunity to have a greater interaction. However, there are currently two new ways to enjoy video games on the market. The problem is that they are not available to everyone due to their high cost. Is about: Augmented reality . It refers to the fact that you can make the different animations, cartoons or 3d models, come into your world.

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Virtual reality . It is exactly the opposite, since you are the one who enters the different scenes. There is no doubt that the gaming industry has nailed it by allowing the experience to go beyond gaming. Now, with these new technologies,  Hungary Phone Number List  they have managed to immerse you in the game to the point of making you feel emotions and have genuine human reactions. Discover some of the video games with the highest audience in Latam As is common in different markets, users have preferences when selecting what they want. And, in this case, it is no different. As you will see, in the following list of 8 of the video games with the most audience in Latam there are a variety of themes: video games with the most audience in Latam: Trivia Crack One of the most popular video games in Latin America is Trivia Crack. It is something as basic and simple as questions and answers. But it has become a fan favorite in this region. It was created and launched on the market in 2013 by the Argentine company Etermax. Its owner and founder is Maximo Cavazzani, who is in charge of a team made up of dozens of people. The game has a version for iOS, Android and Windows mobiles. Asked is based on a trivia that puts two people in dispute to see who is the first to correctly answer a series of questions. These are divided into six categories: art, science, sports, entertainment, geography, and history. You can compete against unknown people who are chosen at random. Or challenge specific users. Currently, it is the application with the highest number of downloads worldwide with more than 50 million. And its expansion in Latin America is exponential, reaching 180,000 downloads per day.

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