The 8 Tik Tok influencers with the most followers in Spain

Do you know some of the best influencers of Tik Tok , the new boom of social networks? Its growth and popularity is unstoppable, especially in recent months. The dizzying pace of social networks is already common but the arrival of new social networks such as Tik Tok continues to surprise . A social network with overwhelming success among the younger generations . This time, the conquest comes from Asia. Tik Tok is a young social network, was born three years ago, in 2016. It was created as an application for iOS and Android. Its purpose was the creation of short videos, especially musical ones. The sum of all its characteristics pointed towards total success, a new fishing ground for influencer marketing : Tik Tok influencers. In an age where information is shared through social networks and where the most engaging content is the video format, Tik Tok is the perfect combination. Music and video for Generation Tik Tok influencers can not only record videos but can also edit and upload video selfies. It is clear that the creators of this application have taken into account what are the ingredients of success for an application of these characteristics. Coobis- branded content, SEO & Influencer Marketing marketplace Do you want to increase the visibility of your brand and your products thanks to a Branded Content SEO & Influencers strategy? More information Its formula lies in the use of video and the demand for selfies. In addition to the ease of applying effects to make the user feel like the creator of an exclusive video. Because another of the fundamental ingredients in Tik Tok is music. Not surprisingly, it was born from the absorption of ,  uae telephone  an application for creating music videos. Tik Tok has been made by and for young audiences since its birth. It is a native application created for mobile devices. This application has its target audience focus on generation Z , young people between 13 and 20 years old .

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It is an application designed by and for this generation. A population group that is characterized because it likes music in video format.  UAE Phone Number List  That is, therefore, the key that Tik Tok influencers must exploit. Tik Tok influencers in Spain have also become a phenomenon due to the speed with which they are catching on with young audiences. In addition, many of the native influencers of other social networks see Tik Tok as a platform to be on. For this reason, a transfer of creatives is taking place. Influencers are aware that their fans pivot from one network to another. They know that the network that tomorrow will be a trend, the day after tomorrow will be replaced by another. Now is the time for Tik Tok, aimed at a young audience that is increasingly raising its age range. It is a dynamic, playful application that bases its content on formats that attract the youngest. Thus, Tik Tok influencers know that this application is the current hype. The place to be and be creative. Of course, at the moment it is about influencers who earn slightly less than on YouTube . But they know that now is the time to take positions. Because only in 2019 Tik Tok has gone from 500 to 1,000 million active users per month. A not inconsiderable figure achieved in record time.

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