The 6 most common challenges for a hotel business manager and how to overcome them

Without a doubt, the hotel industry is one of the sectors most influenced by new technologies and digital advances. Now the user is in charge and, the hotels, must not only know how to adapt to the changes and preferences of the same, but to anticipate their interests. However, this is not such an easy task. So keep reading! Here we provide you with the solution to adapt to millennials and their needs.While it is true, the commercial manager of a hotel must be in permanent innovation, since it must develop marketing strategies that enhance the brand in the market where it operates. However, this is a bit complicated because the market is dynamic and, every day, there are more and more changes in the commercial scenario.Due to this, it is vital that the commercial manager knows how to interpret the american phone numbers list , not only in his environment, but in the prospects themselves. Knowing how to interpret the changes in the modern customer is essential. But even more important is knowing how to react to them, as an inappropriate reaction can mean a loss for the business.So, to make this year all about profit, here is a list of the most common challenges that a hotel business manager faces in this digital age, and how to overcome them. Continue reading!1. Responsibility has increasedLet’s talk about what it is. Many years ago it was easier to sell. Now, it is a bit more complicated . This is because competition has increased tremendously. Now the commercial manager of a hotel faces the challenge of standing out among the proposals of so many suppliers and that the one chosen is his.The hotel industry is going through very competitive times and the commercial manager can have a lot of pressure to try to attract all the business to the company and that is a great responsibility. So what can be done? A hotel that wants to capture the attention of its customers must be in the media where the prospects are , for this it must be on the web and provide unmatched information that serves as a differentiator from other hotels.

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Why not try a blog ? In it you can provide unique and different tips about events in hotels, places to visit and other information that makes all the traffic notice you and not others.2. You have to know how to sellNot only are hotel USA Phone Number List managers tasked with attracting and promoting, but they also often run large accounts and interact personally with potential prospects. This is clearly a challenge, since they do not have as much time to monitor what stage of the purchase process they are in, so the deal and the information provided may not be relevant to their situation.For example, there are two couples who want to celebrate their wedding at the hotel, one of them is determined and only needs catering confirmation and the other is just inquiring about prices and services. What if the manager confused the information and gave those who are just beginning to inquire the closing offer? They would probably be dissatisfied with the service, as it was not what they were looking for.To avoid these mistakes, platforms such as CRM are essential and are very helpful in keeping track of prospects and the purchase stage they are in . This way the manager will know what information to provide and when to provide it.3. Information is vitalAlthough many do not consider it necessary, but service companies have the need for digital tools that help their prospects make good decisions . Unlike a tangible product, the satisfaction of an intangible service begins from the first interaction with the customer and this is very subjective, so the effort to leave the consumer delighted must be tripled.So, to make things easier, it is best to take advantage of mobile technology and provide the customer with the information before they look for it. Information is power, with it you can make good decisions and obtain better results that direct the commercial manager to achieve specific objectives.If you create a website that contains photos, blogs , videos, infographics, tips, ebooks and more, your prospects will love you, because they will have all the material they need to make a good decision just a click away.And today, whoever makes life easier for the customer is the favorite.4. Experience is everythingThe new prospect is a connected user with much more knowledge and a higher level of demand. You are no longer looking for a simple service, but an experience . The business manager is challenged to provide customers with a unique experience that eliminates all possible complications.

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For this, procedures that do not add anything positive to the customer experience should be minimized – or eliminated. The hotel industry must digitize and bet on more comfortable models for the client.It is best to use digital means to confirm reservations, send emails or use platforms such as WhatsApp to have direct contact with the client to confirm or verify assistance and details. They will be happy not to have to go to the hotel in long lines.The Internet is now a sales channel for the hotel industry and you have to take advantage of it! If you are more interested in this, click on the image at the end without thinking.5. Personalization is the foundationNow the client likes that there is a personal and direct interaction with the company. So the commercial manager must seek to dialogue with the prospect and build a relationship of trust that allows closure . The business manager must be able to get along so well with his prospect that he knows what he wants and knows how to deliver it.The hotel must know how to personalize the experience for users as much as possible and go according to what it wants to sell and what the consumer is demanding. The truth is that the same hotel can offer totally different experiences depending on the tastes of each client.For example, if there is a girl who wants to celebrate her 15th birthday party at the hotel and wants to reserve a room for a sleepover at the end of the party, why make the process boring and only interact with her parents?Offer candy or pop pop into the room! Ask her what her favorite flavor is and serve her directly. Mail him party theme ideas or show him magazines and decorating websites on your blog . Let her notice that you are interested in making her party the best!

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6. You have to satisfy millennialsIt’s a fact, millennials are a difficult target group to conquer, but it’s not impossible. The challenge for the sector now is to connect with that new customer: the digital natives who have revolutionized the way of selling. Hotel companies need to generate new business models and for this they can change the structure of distribution channels.For this, it is essential that the hotel has a good multi-channel digital presence. That is, not just Facebook or not just Instagram , but the entire package. Use all the necessary social networks and create your own website that generates organic traffic. Thus, you will ensure that your potential customers find you on the web without depending on third parties. For this, not only use digital marketing strategies , but also Inbound Marketing .Unlike traditional online marketing, Inbound makes the customers themselves come to your hotel in search of information of interest and what better than this? Give him an oportunity!If you follow these tips you can overcome any challenge and become a leading hotel in your industry. Take advantage of technology and invest in the right media! By improving the experience of each customer, you will have direct advertising from all of them.Do you want some good news? At Niu.Marketing we can help you! If you want your company to be a leader in the industry this 2018, do not hesitate to click the button below and find out how you can improve your sales process using the Internet.In addition, I invite you to continue reading and inform yourself with our blogs to become a successful seller in a short time. Guatemala has already entered the digital age, Inbound Marketing Guatemala is already an option, find out what this means! Don’t be left behind.

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