The 6 best platforms for webinars, which one should you choose?

The webinar, without a doubt, is a powerful tool that your company can use to connect with its audience. If your company wants to generate valuable content, it is better to have several accounts among the best platforms for webinars . While webinars are nothing new, during the COVID-19 pandemic they have gained more prominence. However, many companies consider this tool as something very typical of content creators or influencers. And this is a thought that is far from reality. In fact, these platforms will help you grow on the Internet. This is because it gives a clear advantage when it comes to capturing a wide audience. Below you will find the 6 best platforms for webinars for your firm to start interacting with its clients. With these tools in your favor, your business will be able to increase its sales considerably, apart from other advantages that you will see.Webinar Platforms: Is It Really Necessary?
Webinars are a powerful digital tool to interact with people through video from anywhere in the world . With this possibility, webinars can be the communication bridge you needed between your clients and your firm. From creating your own content, a tool for your influencer marketing, work meetings … webinars are very useful. It is for this same reason that if your company has not yet incorporated webinars, it is the perfect time to do so. This is because, in a world where we are experiencing a health crisis, this format can be a solution. Your clients are currently actively looking for ways to communicate and interact, and webinars are good options. From fun content, through virtual classes, to conferences and much more, they are alternatives that people use in webinars. It is because of this that many companies currently use this tool to take advantage and generate conversions. Either to increase your sales or to create notoriety for your brand, it is an ideal instrument that your company should have . It is for this same reason that if your business wants to enter this world, the 6 best platforms for webinars are: GoToWebinar is a perfect platform for people or companies that do not have much experience with these tools. Afghanistan Phone Number List  This is mainly due to its easy handling, attractive design and guaranteed interactive experience for those who use it. It is common to see the use of this webinar tool as a means of holding business meetings.

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This is because you can easily add PowerPoint presentations, statistical reports, among others. This platform is the favorite of many employers for live meetings with their workers. If your business needs a tool for business meetings, GoToWebinar is an alternative that you should consider. Be it for quick meetings, Afghanistan Phone Number List  remote job interviews, among others, GoToWebinar is an excellent option. It is worth mentioning that GoToWebinar also offers special services for content creators and influencers, making this tool very useful to integrate it into your B2B and B2C influencer marketing strategy .Blackboard is one of the most popular webinar platforms in recent years, and it is no wonder. Thanks to its simple operating instructions and creative design, Blackboard has received many positive feedback from users. While Blackboard has mostly been used by teachers to teach their classes online, companies use it as well. From online presentations of new products or services to new clients, technical support, etc., Blackboard is a very valid option for your firm. Apart from all the above, Blackboard also creates safe places for work meetings. With the option to encrypt meeting your business will be 100% safe in case of hacking attempts. Business meetings important to your business will see you no more than selected guests.Another tool that your company can use for its webinars is undoubtedly Zoom. This webinar platform became famous during the COVID 19 pandemic and has been growing steadily ever since. This is primarily due to the fact that you can schedule private video calls both person-to-person and to groups. Adding the aforementioned, Zoom also stands out for its unique interface, making this platform the favorite for young audiences.

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It is worth mentioning that Zoom is the only platform where you can share live videos with other users. Thanks to this, it is ideal for important business meetings for your company in terms of opening a B2C or B2B business .As additional information, the free version of Zoom has the capacity to support up to 50 users at the same time in a room. This is one more reason for your business to adapt its marketing or business meeting strategies. Google is a powerful company within the digital environment that offers many facilities to all its users. One of the tools that many of Gmail’s clients have used is Google Hangout, a very useful webinar platform, especially for businesses From planning online interviews to business meetings to opening deals with your future clients, Google Hangout is by far the best tool your company can have on its list of webinar platforms. Additionally, Google Hangout is an excellent alternative for webinars with a focus on influencer marketing . This is because the video support is recorded directly on YouTube for free, creating the possibility for your users to interact on both YouTube and Google Hangout.It should be mentioned that Google Hangout has a paid version for its premium webinar platform called GSuite. Its 3 plans are Basic, Business and Enterprise. The fees are monthly and have to be paid by each GSuite user.


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