The 2021 Community Manager Calendar

Has it ever happened to you that you have entered your social networks and, after seeing a lot of publications about it, have you discovered that that day is a special date? This is because they have a Community Manager calendar and you don’t (or you have it but you don’t pay attention to it). But beware, this is mainly for Community Managers, but also for all the people who manage their social networks in a professional way. Do you know which are the most important dates in your sector? Here’s the Community Manager’s calendar for 2021! So, if you are one of those who want to get the most out of their social networks on each of the dates indicated in the year, keep reading because this is going to interest you.
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Why do you need a Community Manager calendar?
Mainly, you need it to anticipate , since making a design for a special day in a few hours will surely not give you the results you expected (unless you are a very creative person and with very clear ideas).

The ideal is to have foresight and know what are the dates on which you want to create original content that is related to your brand or company. This way you will have time to think about what design you want to make, in what format, with what copy and with what hashtags, including all this in your editorial calendar for social networks .
And why should you take all that time to create content for certain designated days? Because:
It will increase the engagement of your brand or company in social networks
It will help you convey certain values
You will be able to connect more with your followers , helping you to retain them
You will increase the visibility of your publications and your profiles , since if the content is good and original, your own followers will share it with their friends
They can help you increase the sales of your products or services , if your strategy is well focused on it.
What are the best dates to post?
To know what are the best dates for your brand or company to publish specific content on social networks, first you have to differentiate the different types of days that we are going to find in the calendar:
Special holidays in Spain (or in the country in which you reside)
This is the case of days such as the day of the Spanish Constitution, the day of the Immaculate Conception, Christmas, New Year, the day of Kings, etc.

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Special holidays in Valencia (or in the city where you reside)
In this case, I am talking about the most important days in your city and in your Autonomous Community. For example, in Valencia it would be the fallas (from March 15 to 19), the day of the Valencian Community (October 9) or San Vicente Mártir, one of the city’s patrons (January 22).
Days that have to do with the sector of your brand or company
In this case, there are the international and national days that have to do with the sector of your brand or company.
For example, in my case (in case you hadn’t noticed yet, I’m Social Media Manager ☺) it would be Community Manager day, the day of social networks, the anniversaries of the different social networks or the hashtag, the day of the Internet, etc.
Even Ada Lovelace Day, a day to celebrate the presence of women in science, technology, mathematics and engineering.
Days that have to do with the values ​​that you want to transmit your brand or company
In this case, it depends on the values ​​that your brand or company has:
If your brand or company is supportive , you can include days such as cancer day, rare disease day, solidarity day, etc.
If your brand or company is environmentalist , include days such as water day, environment day, arbor day, etc.
If your brand or company is fun , add days like fun day at work, joy day, etc.
If your brand or company is geek , you can add days like Simpsons day, Star Wars day, etc.
And there are many more. You just have to think about what values ​​you would like to transmit with your brand or company and look for those national or international days that help you do so. Create specific content for those days and let your audience know more about your brand or company.


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How to increase engagement with the Community Manager’s calendar?
Very easy. If you want to use these days to increase the engagement and reach of your social profiles, create content (always of value and original) that connects with your followers and with the values ​​that you want to transmit with your brand, and share it on your social networks.

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And when I talk about content, I mean both images or videos that you can share that same day on your Iceland Phone Number List networks, as well as a post that provides useful data and information about that specific day, or a cover that stands out on your social networks during a specific time period.
Also, before sharing, you should find out which hashtags are being used to share the posts about that event. This way you can include one or two of those hashtags (you don’t have to use all the ones you find, but only the ones you see that have more recent publications or contain the current year) so that your content has greater visibility and you can connect both with your followers. as with other users of that social network.
Examples of posts by dates for your Community Manager calendar
Sometimes it is not easy to create original content (not every day you are bursting with creativity). So, here are some examples that can inspire you, classified into two types of examples, depending on the place where they are published (valid for any social network, although I have chosen examples from Instagram in the case of publications and Facebook in the case of covers):
10 Examples of publications for specific dates
In this case, the content is temporary, since it is a special day, so you can take the opportunity to publish an image or video, both on your wall and in your stories.

Let’s see some examples that I have taken from some Instagram accounts:
It was recently Black Friday and everyone was dedicated to publishing their offers, but if you want to attract attention, maybe you should look for something different, such as this phrase that Mr Wonderful published:
CM Calendar – Black Friday – MrWonderful
The day against breast cancer is becoming more and more visible and more people realize how important it is to have checkups so that it can be detected as soon as possible. The Singularu brand created this post for that day:
CM Calendar – Breast Cancer – Singularu
The day of the mother (or the father, the grandparents, the children, etc.) is a special day that, if you create good content, quickly spread through mentions of your followers. Do something creative like Milka did:
CM Calendar – Mother’s Day – Milka
Halloween is a date when many posts are created, so you may need to spend a little more time if you want yours to stand out. This is the case of this publication by Chocolates Valor, which asks its audience what scares them the most:
CM Calendar – Halloween – Valor
Another important date is New Year ‘s Eve . People take the opportunity to create content congratulating the new year, but CocaCola focused on dinner that same day, adding details that anyone can find at their family or friends dinner:
CM Calendar – New Year’s Eve – CocaCola
The day when the time is changed , both in spring and winter, is a bit chaotic for some people, so you can create content that helps them remember that that day will be changed to one hour more or one less, such as made Nutella.

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CM Calendar – Time Change – Nutella
You can even welcome a station , whether you like it or not, like Pizpiretia did:
CM Calendar – Autumn – Pizpiretia
There are days on the calendar that may be more difficult for you when creating content, such as Vegetarian Day (unless you work in the gastronomic sector), but Fnac knew how to take it to its place with this publication:
CM Calendar – Vegetarian Day – Fnac
Another way to create your special publications for a date is by involving your followers (something that will ensure good engagement). In this example, Aula CM collected images of their followers along with their dogs to create a joint post for Dog Day :
CM Calendar – Dog Day – CM Classroom
If your brand or your company feels identified with a special date, do not hesitate to incorporate your employees (whenever they want, of course) in your special designs for those days, as Metricool did on geek pride day :
CM Calendar – Geek Pride – Metricool
5 Examples of covers for special dates
If, instead of being a special day, it is a period, you can take advantage of and change your Facebook or Twitter cover to create an eye-catching content about that time.
This would be the case of Christmas, Easter or sales times (in the case that you have an online store or that you discount your info products or courses).
Here are some examples of covers:

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