The 20 most valuable Spanish brands in the world

The most valuable Spanish brands in the world in 2020 are those that have managed to anticipate the needs of their customers and have gone ahead to provide solutions. Therefore, your future growth is guaranteed. The latest Global Brand Finance report includes the most valuable brands in the world, among which 7 Spanish brands stand out. Taking the sector into account, it can be seen that both fashion brands such as Zara, El Corte Inglés or Massimo Dutti and banks such as Santander and BBVA are leading this ranking. Top 20 most valuable Spanish brands The most valuable Spanish brands Interbrand’s report on the 30 most valuable Spanish brands was recently presented in Madrid. According to this ranking, banking , the fashion sector and retail are the big winners. In this way, Santander, BBVA and Caixabank are the banks that have experienced the greatest growth during 2019. For its part, Zara tops the list as the most valuable company in the country. Santander bank is the only entity that is in the world top 20 of the best valued banking brands. It currently ranks 101st in world brands, and 12th in the banking sector. In 2020 it has a brand value of 827 million euros more than last year,  Morocco Phone Number List  which represents an increase of 5.5% percentage points. Despite the fact that its British subsidiary has suffered a loss of 17%, during the fourth quarter it grew above analysts’ expectations. In the field of fast fashion, Zara has been one of the most valuable Spanish brands for several years. Although it has suffered a slight decrease of 1%, it is the firm with the best figures in its sector.

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One of its greatest competitive advantages is logistics. His efforts to integrate the digital with the physical and reinvent the experience in his stores is one of the strategies that have marked his year . In 2020 its objective is the launch of its new website, which will provide a global online service. Therefore, it is currently in the 128th position in the world of the most valuable brands in the world. Movistar has also undergone a remodeling of the company carrying a rebranding strategy and including new services. In this way,  Morocco Phone Number List  it has become a technological platform that offers a comprehensive connectivity, telephony and entertainment service .The company with a brand value of 10,706 million euros ranks second in the ranking of the most valuable Spanish brands according to the Interbrand report. Regarding its international impact,

Movistar is ranked 186 among the 500 most valuable brands.As can be seen from the Brand Finance 2020 report, BBVA continues to be one of the strongest and most solid financial brands outside of Spain. With a score of 84.6 out of 100 in 2020, 1.92 points more than in 2019.One of the reasons why it has managed to establish itself as a world brand is the image transformation it underwent last year. He put aside his regional identification and went on to unify his entire brand internationally. Despite this, BBVA’s brand value has fallen by 7.7%, from position 168 in 2019 to 192 in 2020.

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