The 18 most important Inbound Marketing metrics

There are hundreds of metrics to measure your Inbound Marketing efforts, for example SEO rankings, downloaded content, social media reach, traffic, number of leads … and much more.
Of course, it is fine to follow some of these internal indicators as long as they help make better decisions regarding your digital strategy , but you must be careful because you may be measuring activity and not results.”Shallow” metrics like the total number of followers may sound good and impress people, but do not measure the results or indicate how to improve the performance of the Inbound Marketing and profitability.The wrong metrics indicate that marketing is working in some way, but they also raise questions about whether those are the metrics to measure, and ultimately whether your efforts are having any impact on your financial metrics.That is why we want to share with you 18 fundamental metrics to measure and demonstrate the success of your digital strategy:1. Web visitsForget about unique or returning visitors. The most relevant thing is to track the number of people who visit your website, to get an idea of ​​how attractive your business is when they look for the type of products or services you offer. Mike Lieberman, CEO of Square2Marketing , recommends striving to increase your visits by 10% month over month.2. Conversion rateThe conversion rate, both for the website and the rest of your digital channels, will give you an overview of your ability to convert visitors into leads. Most websites have a conversion rate of between 1% and 3% (the average is 2.86% in the US, according to Invespcro ), so maintaining a rate above this average is a good sign.


3. Number of leadsThis is the lifeblood of any Inbound strategy. The people who show interest in your company are potential clients or leads . They may not be ready to buy from you today, but they are real prospects.For example, you can set a goal to increase the percentage of leads generated between 10% and 20% in a month, in two months or whenever you want. Of course, there are many factors that impact lead generation, including timing, so you need to consider that.4. Sales german telephone directory enquiries leads is good, but sales opportunities are better. These are the people who are at the base of the funnel , who want to talk to you to buy.Track these opportunities closely because they are an indicator of how well (or badly) you are moving leads through the funnel .5. Social reachIt’s simply the number of people who follow you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and all of your other social media accounts. The more people connect with your company, the easier it will be to spread your content and attract them to your website .6. Closing rateIf you can’t convert your sales operations into income, you can’t close trade deals. Although this is an inbound sales metric, it is important to constantly measure and track it.7. Landing page conversion rateIf you are doing inbound, you surely have landing pages . According to figures from WordStream , the average global conversion rate stands at 2.35% , although the best landing pages convert approximately 3 to 5.5% of visitors.

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The reality is that landing page conversion rates can vary greatly depending on the industry, supply, demand, and behavior of your audience8. Average time on pageIt is not one of the vital metrics, but it is an indicator of how attractive the content is to visitors and potential customers , not only on your website but also on specialized pages or in your blog postsFor content creators it is a fundamental metric to measure (accompanied by other KPIs such as the bounce rate) if people are consuming all the content they generated. For example, a long article having less than half a minute of average time could indicate that something in the content is preventing you from reading it in full.It should be noted that it is also a key metric for Google to decide if your site is worth ranking or not .9. Visits by traffic sourceYou know how many people visit your page, but do you understand how they are getting there? Make sure you understand how many came organically, through social media, referral sites, Email Germany Phone Number List , and how many directly by typing in your web address.This is relevant, for example, if you carry out link building efforts with other websites / influencers , or if you run ad campaigns. Think that 50,000 organic visits do not have the same value as the same number of visits by paid sources.10. Leads by traffic sourceThe previous concept applies to leads . You need to know where your potential customers are coming from and then make the necessary adjustments to attract them the way you plannedFor example, if you get leads from organic search, but not from social media (and one of your goals in Social Media is to attract prospects), you should make changes to your content strategy to increase those numbers.11. Blog subscribersIf you invest your time and resources in blogging, and this helps you get found in search engines, why not go further? Invite readers to subscribe and read all your updates, so more people will know about your story and you will start to build an audience.

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12. Inbound LinksThe more links your site gets from reputable online pages, the higher its search engine ranking will be . You can earn them by publishing quality content and sharing it with other references in your industry, or by inviting your followers to share it in their circle. Ultimately, Inbound links measure your effectiveness in getting others to talk about your company13. Shares in social networksOne way to measure how much your followers liked your content is to check how many times they shared it. No matter the channel, it is always important to add UTMs to distinguish traffic when you analyze it in Analytics or your preferred measurement too 14. Email open rateAs we mentioned earlier, some of the people who visit your website may not be ready to buy from you immediately. Therefore, Email Marketing and lead nurturing emails are essentialMake sure you write Subject copies that are compelling enough for people to open and read your emails. And take the global average as a reference: 22.71% according to MailChimp benchmarks 15. Email Click-Through RateSubject copy attracts people, but the content of the emails should convince them to take the action you want them to do, whether it’s revisiting your website, downloading, or scheduling a call, to name a few examples. If they are not taking the expected action, you should rethink the content or the Call-To-Action itself 16. Call-To-Action conversion rateAnother factor that contributes to people becoming leads is the effectiveness of call-to-action buttons. Some CTAs may be converting more than others . You should work on those that are underperforming to redesign them or change the messages.17. Keyword rankingsYou are dedicating a good part of your efforts so that they find you on the internet and attract visitors to your site, so you need to know what are the keywords with which you are ranking in Google , as well as the searches where you are ranking without working them and the keywords of the industry that you still do not work. Follow up weekly and make sure your content is perfectly aligned with the keywords you want to rank for.18. Competitor metricsIt is always good to know what the position of your main competitors is and understand what they are doing in marketing: what rankings they have, with which keywords , what are the topics they write and the contentthey publish . Try to use online visibility tools and even social listening to stay informed.Finally, remember that to make sales and the number of customers grow, you need to constantly monitor your metrics and adjust your actions according to the knowledge you get from them.And about the KPIs that you should measure, it all depends on your company’s objectives. Do not let irrelevant numbers play an important role if they are not helping to understand the development of your companyYou may be interested in reading >> Google Analytics vs HubSpot: which one to use to measure Inbound Marketing KPIs?

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