The 10 Digital Marketing and Sales Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

The Podcast format in Latin America is not that common yet. However, little by little we are consuming this format more and that is why new Podcasts about business in Spanish have been created, mainly in Mexico, Spain, Argentina and the United States (for the Hispanic Greece Phone Number List ).You can listen to this audio content format if you want to learn about different topics in different areas and industries. Today I come to recommend 10 podcasts in Spanish that are about business, Marketing and / or Sales.Before recommending some Podcasts that can help you in your daily work, I want to give you some recommendations:Many podcasts are on Ivoox, and they have official applications for Iphone and Android.It is also important that you know some of the most common platforms to listen to them: Spotify, Itunes, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast.Do you want to know a master guide to grow your company using content strategies? Download our Guide to Content Marketing for Results now.are from the Marketing team and want to learn about sales (yes, it is necessary to know about sales if you work in Marketing) or if you are from the Sales team, you can learn more about the subject.

2. Social FMThis Podcast was created by Dixo in Mexico and its hosts are Allan Vázquez and Angel Buendía, who tell you, in 30 minutes, the most important updates on Digital Marketing of the week.Ideal if you go in traffic. It’s the best way to stay up-to-date with new features and algorithm updates on social media .

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3. The SEO MachineAndres Kloster is the founder of this podcast. In addition to creating the Eleven Agency, he shares in his more than 8 years of experience how to monetize websites and get visits in business through SEO .I recommend it if you want to get into SEO. Many times we do not give it importance, but this strategy can generate, in the medium term, relevant organic results

4. Podcast and BusinessJuan Carlos Giraldo founded this podcast 5 years ago and from Boston, he shares current issues in technology, social media , online Greece Phone Number List , trends and good professional practices around the world.Ideal for learning about new trends in business, it is a short format to consume and very friendly.Juan Carlos interviewed me this year to talk about Inbound and Ecommerce . If you want to listen to this interview, I’ll share it here .

5. Marketing Hack ShowThis Podcast is a new project that I am carrying out. It was launched in July 2018 and is a recommendation for those who want to learn, through weekly interviews with professionals, to generate and optimize their results in Digital Marketing and Sales. My idea is to develop episodes based on the doubts you have or concepts that you want to learn.

6. The Online Marketing AcademyIt was one of the first Podcasts in Spanish that I started listening to in 2016. Created by Oscar Feito from Spain, it has more than 100 episodes and has spent a lot of time sharing his experience with us, from how to work Marketing Online, to how to make a podcast that monetizes.

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7. Inbound HackAlthough its first season only consists of 16 episodes and they still do not have a new season (they paused the project), it is an excellent material to listen to if your questions are about Inbound Marketing methodology , since its episodes talk about Content , Conversion , Automation , Lead Scoring, etc. They are very specific in their subjects.

8. Disruptive TvThis podcast was also one of the first I listened to in 2016. Juan del Cerro has been withthis Podcast for more than 2 years (and more than 200 episodes) and focuses on the topics of Social Entrepreneurship, Startups and innovation at work.Ideal if you want to discover social projects and implement them in your company, start to get involved in your industry and know what is happening in Mexico in the business field.

9. HackearLaVidaAaron Benitez was named the Rockstar of Innovation in 2016 by Entrepreneur Magazine. He is the founder of Waterhouse and Verse Technology. He is the author of How to be a High Performance Person and #Hackearlavida.I discovered this author on a trip I made to Thailand in 2013 and he is always sharing about the reality of entrepreneurs, cultural barriers that exist in business and I have seen his evolution from writer and speaker, to the creation of this podcast.I recommend you follow it. He has episodes to make you a High Performer or PAD, as he calls his audience.

10. Books for EntrepreneursI recommend this podcast for those who do not have reading habits, but like to consume the audio format. Luis Ramos already has 3 seasons with this podcast, and talks about different popular books, explains at the beginning about the content of the book, about the author and guides you with the most important content to be able to apply it in your company.I have had colleagues consume this podcast at lunchtime or at the gym. It may be a good choice for you.Already know these podcasts in Spanish ?, what ?, you heard podcasts which ones you keep and what you like most?Write me in the comments. I would love to know your opinion.Do you want help planning your content? Download now our management calendar , a step by step to create a schedule that generates real results for your business.

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