That’s how big brands sell! Inbound Marketing for eCommerce

When we think of success stories, we quickly remember the names of the great brands that have established themselves as a benchmark in each of their industries. Thus, it is easy to relate these brands to cutting-edge technology and new marketing trends with which they have managed to be the benchmark over their competition.Blogs back we shared what the Inbound Marketing methodology is and how it can help you get more qualified prospects, sell more and, why not, turn your business into a success story. Now, we all know that in addition to an excellent digital marketing strategy , having an eCommerce platform is one of the greatest wishes of companies.YOU MAY ALSO BE INTERESTED: How does Inbound Marketing become your digital marketer?And it is that really, when thinking about the great step that represents for humanity to be able to carry out transactions through the Internet, we realize the urgent need to learn how to direct a sale online . This is where Inbound Marketing and eCommerce intersect. eCommerce MarketingeCommerce belgium mobile phone number is a process that seeks to promote digital sales by generating awareness about the online store and the product offers of a brand or business. Basically, it is to motivate your prospects and potential prospects to make a purchase on the official site of your business. The eCommerce Marketing process is based on two objectives. These are driving website traffic and optimizing user experience to convert more buyers. Both are key elements of the commercial strategy of the business, since they look for both the transactions on the site and the growth of this.Now, the final and lasting objective, the one that remains, must always be the one that seeks the growth of your business website, the presence in the top of mind of your prospects and the certainty that there is availability on your platform to carry out transactions. But, what allied tools do you need to obtain better results in your strategy?

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SEM and SEO Search Engine Belgium Phone Number List , abbreviated as SEM , is a term commonly used to describe all paid and organic digital endeavors. It is also used to describe efforts on Google AdWords and other similar platforms that allow targeting on the Internet and other search engines.For its part, unlike the aforementioned advertising methods, the traffic provided by Search Engine Optimization, SEO , generates organic results in search engines such as Google. A good SEO strategy combines compliance with the best commercial writing and copywriting practices , social media interaction and content marketing strategies , which are considered by search engines to find a better positioning. Big brands have been doing it for a long time. Amazon, one of the most internationally recognized companies, has managed to launch products with its own brand won based on an Inbound Marketing strategy that educated the potential prospect on the uses and benefits of using the famous shopping platform. There was already talk in 2010 of the key to Amazon’s success, and this was the loyalty of customers and users, who until now continue to be ambassadors for the brand, site, and now streaming service provider . Do you think that Amazon no longer invests in marketing being a large company? Statista recently reported that Amazon increased almost 30% in marketing in the last two years. And no, this is not traditional marketing. Amazon knows that you have to invest in marketing to get people to buy from your website. And you, are you looking to be a benchmark in your industry? Do you want to know more about the new trends in Digital Marketing in Guatemala? At Niu.Marketing we are the agency that can help you take your business to the next level. At Niu.Marketing we can help you. If you want your company to be a leader in the industry, do not hesitate to click the button below and find out how you can improve your sales process to close many more.New Call-to-actionWe invite you to continue reading and learning about our blogs to become a successful seller in a short time, using the Internet as a sales channel. Guatemala has already entered the digital age. Inbound Marketing Guatemala is already an option, find out what this means! Don’t be left behind. Click above to schedule a free consulting hour with us. Niu Marketing, we are more than digital marketing.

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