That sometimes it can appear that they are invading the privacy of the client.

In addition, the excessive arrival of emails that is perceived by the customer can make them angry . Many times the same email detects it as “spam” . Also called junk mail, which as a consequence prevents customers from reading it. 6 companies that are doing well in email marketing for Christmas One of the times of the year in which more use is made of this tool is at Christmas. There are many companies that try to capture the attention of existing customers through email marketing . And, of course, of new clients to obtain a greater benefit . Below are examples of six different companies that are effectively employing Christmas email marketing. Take note: The world-renowned toy company. Although it is a company that has a name and is recognized by many people around the world at Christmas, it emphasizes and makes an effort to get a little closer to those customers so that they choose to make Christmas purchases in their establishments. It is a way of reminding customers that they are still there and that they offer everything they will need throughout the holidays. A good strategy to capture the attention of customers is the one they use, which consists of offering different offers such as: free shipping for purchases in their establishments and shipping in X hours / days, which works very well for those who are in a hurry to time .  buy uae number online  Taking advantage of the increase in consumption at this time of year, the photography company Ikatz opts to send email marketing campaigns for Christmas, offering discounts to those consumers who opt for its service . Lowering prices may not affect the company’s profits from the increased purchases you just read. Price reduction is one of the strategies most used at Christmas. Since with so much spending, consumers want to try to save money and the more the better.

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For this they get carried away by those offers that they can see, and there is the Ikatz company. In addition, sending the discount offer by email makes possible consumers aware of it. The big stores of Mediamarkt also bet on email marketing for Christmas. In order to promote the wide variety of products that they currently sell at very competitive prices.Specifically when Christmas is approaching, they begin to send different emails full of bright colors and many discounts. In which you can see the money that the client can save.  UAE Phone Number List   It is a way of prompting them to make the purchase. The airline company KLM, among many others, opts for the strategy of sending Christmas greetings to customers. They send Christmas greetings to consumers’ emails. This can make the customer feel part of them and a link between consumer-business that is very important to both. In addition to that congratulation, they emphasize that they will always be there to offer the best service for their customers. Along with the congratulations they attach the direct link to the website. It is also considered a way to cajole and create the need to buy from customers in a very simple way.

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