Thanks to artificial intelligence, learning from consumer behavior and improving to meet their needs is a reality.

In the current scenario, a point never seen before has been reached: users are no longer mere consumers of content. Now they are also capable of generating it . And this is one of the trends in digital marketing for 2020 that advertisers should start to take advantage of. In this way, users can be considered micro-influencers who influence their own network of contacts. Advertising is known as end disappearing with the Z generation . Young people are very reactive to intrusive and direct advertising. But it is also a creative generation capable of creating and sharing content that generates impact. Brands will be challenged to be part of these generated content. And for this, strategies such as the challenges so common on Snapchat or TikTok can be the springboard to obtain a prescription from users and achieve brand awareness .  telephone number list  4.- Personalization in ads for relevant and effective advertising Segmentation and personalization have always been two important axes within advertising. But today technology and big data today offer new opportunities to get to know users in depth .

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What does this mean for advertising? Knowing the interests, tastes, and needs of users allows you to tailor advertisements for them. The advantages are very clear: valuable information can be offered to the user taking into account the context, as well as their interests, geolocation and purchase history. Which, in addition,  Phone Number List  leads to creating more accurate communications, increasing conversions and improving the ROI of campaigns . However, there is still a brake: the reluctance of users to give up their personal data. Getting users to give up privacy for more personalized advertising is the challenge brands face. Examples of Facebook Ads adsSocial networks continue to be the communication spaces between brands and users. However, the reality is that they no longer work on an organic basis. For this reason, the vast majority of social platforms offer advertising solutions to favor the effectiveness of impacts based on segmentation . Because, after all, social networks are also a huge source of information for brands . This allows them to create campaigns that are completely targeted at the target audience and reach audiences with the most relevant content for them. In fact, most brands claim to receive a good percentage of sales through social networks. And this is mainly due to three reasons:

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