Telegram as a marketing tool: tips to get the most out of it

Telegram as a marketing tool is not as popular as WhatsApp Business. However, it can become a powerful tool to boost your brand’s reach. Social media and instant messaging applications have changed the way people communicate, both socially and commercially. In the same way, they have changed the way in which brands communicate with their audiences. In marketing it is essential to constantly be looking for new channels to attract users and direct traffic to the web to get new customers. And although social networks have shown their enormous potential for this, the truth is that the competition in them is fierce. For this reason, a large number of brands have turned to instant messaging applications in order to open up new possibilities to promote themselves and connect with the public . Telegram, thanks to its characteristics that combine messaging functionalities with others similar to Snapchat,  Jamaica Phone Number List  has reached a significant number of users. For brands, using Telegram as a marketing tool is an unbeatable opportunity to increase the reach of their content on a channel where users feel comfortable and use very regularly. Telegram: much more than a messaging application Telegram is much more than a simple instant messaging application. It incorporates all the usual functions of this type of apps such as text messages, read receipts or sending attachments.

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However, one of the factors that distinguishes it from its competition is the possibility of creating public channels .  Jamaica Phone Number List  These channels also have no limitation on the number of users. This is a great opportunity for brands to spread their content to a mass audience. In addition, the most interesting thing about these channels is that only the administrator can share content if you decide to do so. In this way, the channel is prevented from being a chat room in which your content is diluted. Without a doubt, Telegram as a marketing tool is one of the most powerful to improve communication with users. The message encryption and security is also one of its strengths . The intention is to improve the protection of users and offer them a better experience with the platform.But what makes it an ideal marketing tool is that it has an API that can be installed on different devices and used simultaneously. In this way, brands can take advantage to design exceptional campaigns that cover different options. For example, develop your own applications and create bots. Telegram bots Create bots in Telegram from the APIOne of the most useful features when using Telegram as a marketing tool is the ability to create bots . These programs are especially useful for automating messages . For example, they can automatically answer basic questions, send pictures to customers, or prepare questionnaires . Telegram also assists users throughout the bot creation process. From the API interface it offers detailed step-by-step instructions. But if you have programming skills, you can go straight to the developers page and dive into the process. Whichever option is chosen, the truth is that it will enrich your channels with greater opportunities to automate actions, receive information from users and solve problems. Bots allow a large number of options:

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