Techniques to boost your productivity at work

Looking to put an end to procrastination and improve your productivity at work? Learn about these techniques to use your time in the best possible way!Have you ever ended your day feeling like you needed more time to finish a task? Did you need more time or did you need to manage your time better? In the current context, that phrase of “time is money” has Belgium Phone Number List been so real. This is reflected in business and work, which we want to be more efficient and productive, as well as in personal and family life, which is increasingly relegated to the background. It seems that we decided to spend less time with family and recreation so that we had time for work and business.Could it be that this is the best decision? In the end, how do we save time on day-to-day tasks to achieve both our professional and personal goals? Perhaps the secret is to manage time correctly and there yes, to gain more time with family, friends and recreation.To help you use your time in the best possible way, we have separated some tips to make your performance even more efficient, both by saving time spent on less important tasks at work, and prioritizing the most important and productive activities, even with the family. and friends.We separate 3 steps so you can end procrastination once and improve your productivity at work.Step 1: Starting the Day In this first step, we will help you give your productivity a boost with tips and recommendations from Tim Ferris, author and investor who opened the doors of productivity to millions of people with best sellers such as The 4-Hour Work Week.First things first: How should you order your priorities?To be successful in productivity, start your day with these 5 tips:

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1- Start the day with a “5 Minute Diary”With just a few minutes each morning, it is possible to save hours of wasted time or piecemeal effort per day. Write down everything you intend to do on that day and be fully aware of what awaits you.

2- Do the right things, you don’t necessarily do everything rightThere are things you must do Belgium Phone Number List which your work will not happen correctly. Do what is really important and don’t waste time trying to do tasks with perfection that will not have the same effect on productivity and company results.

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3- The right thing is the boring thing, the boring thing is the right thing!Do you have a series of tasks to accomplish and you don’t know where to start? Start with the least comfortable, that often includes that task that has a possibility of rejection, pain or failure.

4- The most important task of the daySet aside at least an hour in the morning before checking your emails to do your most important / least comfortable tasks. The one that can leave you in trouble if you don’t do it directly. This one deserves much more attention than the others.

5- Determine a physical action when changing task / contextImmediately take actions that take 20 minutes or less. For example, “clear my table! it is too wide. These tasks should be extremely easy to do without you having to stop to think. For the above example it could be “type the invoices into the computer and throw away the paper” or “save all the papers and reserve to scan in Evernote at 5:00 pm” (Don’t forget to make a reminder).Step 2: Tips to Stay Productive throughout the Day After you have determined your most important tasks to accomplish, it is important that you remove your distractions and control your urge to procrastinate. We picked out a few tricks you can follow to maintain a consistent level of productivity at work.

1- Organize your activities by contextsThe change of context is one of the causes that most destroys productivity. In its simplest form, it means jumping from task to task without the tasks being correlated. Even if you are fortunate enough to work from home, context changes are probably wasting your productivity in other ways.Some of our tips to combat this evil:Organize similar categories of tasks and projects in your calendar: Let’s say some of your frequent tasks include scheduling posts on social media and responding to users on that channel. Put those tasks together, as they both include social media. Studies show that grouping similar tasks allows us to have more initiatives and finish them.Schedule all your meetings for the same day (s) of the week: Unfortunately, meetings are a necessary evil for most of us, but they are also one of the biggest culprits for changing tasks. Mattan Griffel, Executive Director of One Month , an online education institute for tech entrepreneurs, has a rigid policy of scheduling all of his meetings on Wednesdays. As he himself mentions, “the liquid result of having meetings on one day of the week is having long blocks, without interruption of time during the other days, which allow for incredible productivity.”Classify your email: Let’s face it, emails are one of the biggest distractions of your day. Emails may be contributing more to that task change than you perceive and therefore, you should schedule a time to classify your emails. Twice a day, set aside 15 minutes of your time to organize them as follows: If they belong to a project you’re running today, then add it to your to-do list for when you’re running it. Otherwise, they end up on a “to do” list.

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2- Time your tasksIf the task is difficult, you have two options:With the help of a stopwatch, work for a specific period of timeUse the Pomodoro technique to maximize your time and work efficiency. This technique is the practice of choosing a task and making a small commitment to spend 25 minutes fully focused on that initiative, pausing for 5 minutes between each chosen task.

3- Take a breakIt is natural to think that you must remain tied to your table for hours and hours to do your job. However, if you don’t do intervals, you are probably going to decrease your productivity rather than increase it.The bad news is that checking Facebook or checking your emails every five minutes does not count as productive breaks. In short, you want to feel refreshed and re-energized after your interval, not just pro-crashing.So what is the best way to pause? Unplug for at least 15-30 minutes after each 60-90 minute block of work.60-90 minute work sessions are the most sensible because that’s how long your brain can focus on a single task.You don’t need to follow those times to the letter, but organize your work in blocks. Researcher Anders Ericsson found that elite guitarists do not spend more time practicing compared to the rest – they practice more intelligently: 90 minutes of rehearsal, followed in a short interval and naps of 20-30 minutes also during the afternoon.

4- Don’t be afraid to close your doorThere are companies that work on the concept of open space, in which the environment does not have divisions or rooms. In some cases, there are not even those small divisions of spaces between tables.They usually use large collective tables. At first it seems nice, with the whole team working together and communicating. However, there are times when you need to focus. Can you imagine the noise generated in a huge room of that style with dozens of people working?Sometimes it is necessary to seek to focus on your own pace, your own way to increase productivity at work. Allow yourself to isolate yourself from time to time!Step 3: Using Technology to Your AdvantageWe know that this tip is an obvious way to improve productivity at work. We just don’t always do it. Many people are adept at to-do lists, they write down everything that needs to be done at the beginning of the day, crossing out what they finish and increasing what comes up again to do. In the end, all of that will turn into a piece of lined paper.There are also those who use your email tray, and everything becomes a task to be removed from the inbox. All a wear!Surely there must be a more productive way to get that work done. Do not you think?We separate a list with some resources that technology can offer you:

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Trello : organizer of projects, tasks, your life, your company. Visualized from start to finish workflows. Boomerang for Gmail : write the email reply now and schedule it to be sent later.Pocket : an application that archives everything you want to read or see on the web, for future reference. Conclution Productivity is ultimately a matter of preserving your time and not having more time. We cannot take over the world and believe that doing a little of everything will make us more productive.Nor do we believe that dividing into several tasks at the same time will make us complete them more quickly. Great deception. That will only make you more frustrated for having done everything in half without completing a task completely.Today we all seek to be more productive. The difference is knowing how to ration your little time to do all the things you need to do, and that’s the hardest part of being productive.With the help of tools and technology, you will be able to stay focused and prioritize your tasks. Now it is in your hands to activate the turbo of your productivity!


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