Target audience, ideal client and buyer persona: what are the differences?

Over time, different tools emerged to aid in the public awareness process. In this post you will find the peculiarities of some of these tools, examples and some important tips on their use.The target or target audience is a demographic, socioeconomic and behavioral cut of a group made up of future consumers of the company’s product or service. It is for this sample that the Costa Rica Phone Number List and Sales actions are directed.No time to read? Listen to this post by hitting the Play button:The success of communication strategies depends a lot on how well we know the people with whom we want to talk.Knowing the universe of your clients and future clients, prevents you from talking only about what the company knows and directing your focus on what the audience is looking for, generating much more identification with your brand.Not knowing your audience well makes communication very general or even wrong.Many times, for example, we receive messages from brands that caused reactions such as “that company is talking to me, but it does not know my tastes.”Over time, different tools emerged to aid the research process – and that is exactly what you will find here – the differences, examples and important practical advice about their application.Do you want to know a great and easy-to-use tool that will help you with this process? Access our People Generator now.What is target audiencetarget audiencesTarget or target audience is a demographic and behavioral cut of a group of people that the company chooses as future customers of your product or service. It is for them that the marketing actions will be focused.To create your audience, look at the following data:Defining the target audience was for a long time the first step in creating a marketing strategy , when the audiences were chosen for each of the products.Now, considering market changes, consumer behavior, the relationship with brands and the need to create segmented strategies – and not more generalists – it is necessary to better understand what are the factors that make people buy your products.

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Thus, new concepts arise to understand the purchase, such as the concept of the ideal customer ( Ideal Customer Profile or ICP) and the concept of the person, known as the embodiment of the target audience.Target audience Costa-Rica Phone Number List Men, between 25 and 35 years old, living in Panama, with a higher education, class B, monthly income between USD 600 and USD 1,500, who are soccer fans but have not yet joined a club.Tip : to start, make a first cut by creating different audiences. This will facilitate the next steps in the process of creating the ideal client and the buyer persona.What is an ideal customer or Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)ideal clientThe Ideal Customer Profile is a description that sums up your best customer. It is what identifies with your business, is committed, understands the use of your product or service, uses it frequently and believes that the product meets their needs successfully.Based on the experiences of your business, think: what company or person would be the customer of your dreams? Who would be the best customer to buy your product? The ideal customer creation exercise can be applied to B2B businesses as well as B2C businesses.The important data to create the ICP for B2B businesses is data that characterizes a good company:When we talk about creating an ICP for B2C, we are looking for data that characterizes a good customer :Level of commitment to the brand;Acquisition frequency;How much they know about your product;What is the importance of your product forhim;Possibility of product recommendation;Average income.We continue with an example of a B2B company that sells industrial machines for professional kitchens, he created his description of the client of his dreams:Example of the ideal customerRestaurants, with more than 50 employees, located in the South Region, with employees dedicated to purchases that perceive value in the acquisition of imported machines, with an average sales cycle of 2 months and average income of 1,500 USD

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Tip : the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) must be developed before the buyer personas, since you need to know clearly who you are, before detailing them.The data that the company has about its clients are super necessary to help in the creation of that profile. Another very important point is that it should be updated from time to time. That serves as a practice so you can remember where you want to go.What is buyer personabuyer personaBuyer persona or persona is a fictional character that is constructed from ethnography , with a psychological profile, which represents a group with similar qualities and behaviors.For the creation of a buyer person, think about data such as:For the same product or service, you can create different buyer persona profiles. To do this, it is important to think about whether they constitute a significant group of customers – be it because of the number of people, acquisition potential or role they have in achieving the objectives.The number of profiles can change, we advise you to create up to five relevant profiles.Understanding how personal buyers act in the purchase can help establish the type of message that you should make for the content strategy .For this reason, it is very important that the information comes from potential customers themselves, and not from the internal perception of the company.How I do this? Choose people, prepare your script and do interviews or organize research groups.How to choose the right people?To choose the right people, you can see through social networkswho are the most active people on your Facebook fanpage , for example, or on your Instagram.Do an analysis of his page: type of photos, what he likes, what he usually does, what he publishes and you will already have some important insights.Another form of analysis is to focus on the data in your database and select the most frequent customers. If your product or service is new, you can talk to friends to find out who you think are your future customersPreparing the scriptAfter selecting the people you want to speak, prepare a script with basic questions concerning the data tocreate people, as we discussed before, such as ” ¿ What is your age? ¿ And your job? Tell me about your day: what did you do yesterday when you woke up … ”

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Create in an informal conversation, that is soft and pleasant, that the person can tell you what they want, not just questions. Insights and opportunities to learn key points will emerge that will help you create different buyer persona profilesContactWrite a private message with your personal account. Introduce yourself, talk about your company, about the objective of the contact, and suggest a face-to-face or online conversation, to learn more about their customs. If possible, offer a gift or benefit.Buyer persona example
Andrea, 30, is a controller, and works in the financial division of a food company. She is married and has a 2-year-old daughter, with whom she would like to spend more time.Andrea organizes her work and home issues in her agenda, so she doesn’t forget anything. He likes to decorate his house and travel with his family. Use the internet to update, usually in the morning to read news.When she goes shopping, she and her husband decide together, and they organize the budget. They like to buy online because it seems cheaper.Tip: It is important not only to create buyer personas, but to share the discoveries with your entire marketing team. Even if you know who they are, describe and document. This helps in the production of content and locates the person in their purchasing maturity. (purchasing process)Do you want to take advantage of a tool that helps you take advantage of your entire strategy and optimize your generation of real opportunities? Fill out the form below to speak with an RD Station Marketing consultant and start your path to success now.

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