Such behaviors can damage the brand and the success of the company.

Consumers can often see through gimmicks, slogans, or efforts that are not genuine or ineffective. Especially when they are so obviously exposed on digital media. How can you communicate your corporate social responsibility? The digital environment is ideal for communicating what your company is doing for society. Don’t be shy, don’t think that by spreading the message of what you do you will stop being humble. On the contrary, consumers are waiting to know how you contribute. Email Marketing is a direct channel with the user that allows companies to adapt the content to each consumer and thus obtain a greater return on their investment. It is a technique that uses email as a form of contact to attract potential customers. This type of marketing uses email to send a message to a group of contacts, making it customizable and non-invasive. Although many companies use email marketing incorrectly; It is vital to remember that the user will have to subscribe to your newsletters on a voluntary basis, so if you do things right,  mobile number data information   they will be predisposed to open your email. It is vital to use email marketing to promote your corporate social responsibility strategy. Why? because one of its main advantages is sending news to customers and subscribers.

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Email marketing can work very well with a responsible marketing strategy. nike rsc appOne of the main concerns identified in many CSR strategies is unnecessary environmental waste and the growing carbon footprint within an organization.  Phone Number List  For example, print publications have the highest carbon footprint per unit in the publishing industry. This takes into consideration materials, production costs, printing, shipping, and disposal. This is where implementing a digital strategy, such as a digital content platform or application, can reduce an organization’s environmental impact and reduce pressure on internal resources. And also on external resources . Share this platform or app with your clients and make them participate.Social networks are an essential tool to promote CSR . Given the importance of a website for a decision maker to start discussions or adopt a vendor, it should be a critical piece. Every click you get is someone else you have informed. The other piece should be one-on-one client meetings and account-based marketing meetings to create a holistic approach to marketing in terms of the channels you take.

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