Spam: what is it and how to keep your marketing strategy away from it

The practice of spam, that is, using electronic means to send messages that were not requested, is highly damaging to the credibility of companiesWho has never received an email with offers of drugs to lose 30 kg within a month, get rich quickly, magically overcome baldness, among other promises of miracles?Sending spam is a practice of malicious people or companies who mistakenly consider spam an easy and cheap way to advertise products and services, but it is highly damaging to brand reputations.In a Digital Armenia Cell Phone Numbers strategy , spamming is also the shortest way to reach the dreaded blacklists .So, in this post, we talk about the origin of this practice and provide tips for you to keep your strategy away from it.What is spam?It is the sending of unsolicited messages on the internet. It was named after a sketch by the British comedy group Monty Python .In the program, two clients go to a cafe and perceive that the canned goods of the North American brand Spam are part of all the menu items – even if the client does not want to.Spam is using electronic media to send unsolicited messages, often to promote products and services, and also to spread gossip and malicious software (or malware ).One of the main characteristics of spam is the massive sending of advertising.This occurs because, because the recipients are random, it is necessary to reach as many people as possible to generate interest in a small parcel, compensating for the effort of the spammer .The messages are also sent in a short space of time and at low cost.It’s hard to mention any benefits of spamming, but when it comes to downsides, the list is immense.

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For companies, in addition to the erosion of credibility, sending spam is a way of generating unnecessary expenses, since it wastes the sending of emails and other messages that could be sent to really interested people. The main damage falls on the recipient, as spam makes them waste time opening and excluding unnecessary messages.Although the traditional route for the practice of spam is email, it can arrive through several other channels that send messages en masse. Learn more about spam in each of them:Spam in Email Armenia Phone Number List differentiates spam from Email Marketing is something very light.Spam and Email Marketing are sent for commercial purposes. However, the same message can be considered spam by one person, and friendly by another, if the first did not request to be received. This authorization is called an opt-in.If a recipient does not choose to receive your company emails and receives them, they can mark the email as spam. Such a claim is highly damaging to reputation and the more claims, the worse the delivery.Some email servers, fed up with so many spam, decided to track the IP of the server of those who sent the messages and included them in a kind of black list.Whenever an email from that server arrives, it is immediately considered spam. The practice worked well and this list was shared with other servers.The main providers currently use such a list, and when you enter it, it is difficult to get out. We suggest that you only send Email Marketing if you have permission to overcome this barrier.The only way to get out of a blacklist is to check that you had the opt-in to send the message. To not be included in this list, always follow the good practices of Email Marketing.Spamdexing Spamdexing includes some of the many black hat SEO techniques , which are attempts to manipulate search engines to index content and achieve a better ranking on Google.However, such practices are harmful to your site. We know that, since the 2000s, Google has frequently updated its algorithm to identify results manipulation techniques, penalizing the sites that use them (in the most extreme cases, the sites are removed from the search engine) and prioritizing those that offer quality content and focused on the user.Blog spamHave you seen totally irrelevant comments on blogs and forums, just for the purpose of including a link? This is an attempt to gain authority and traffic more easily.

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The practice, which was very common as an attempt to improve the ranking of the page, is deprecated with the inclusion of the nofollow tag in these spaces. The tag identifies for the search engine robots that all the links inserted in the local should not receive any authority.Today, the only advantage that still exists to including a link in comments and traffic generation forums is the traffic generation itself and, in some cases, the possibility of generating leads .In this case, if the link is relevant to the discussion in the forum or to the comments of the content, including a link in those places can give positive results.Spam in SMS and message applicationsThe forms of communication evolved, and spam too. So applications like WhatsApp, Telegram and Skype have been targets of spammers .Those who receive this message can block and report the accounts that sent the spam or change the privacy settings to receive messages only from their own contacts.Consequently, with the popularity of message applications such as those mentioned above, SMS became underutilized, and now serves mainly more for spamming than its original purpose. There are already applications dedicated to blocking this type of spam – an example is the Call Blocker .Spam on social mediaIn social networks , spam can manifest itself in various ways, such as in groups, comment boxes, personal messages, malicious links, fake profiles, among others.In groups or communities, the spammer can take advantage of people’s common interest to make related advertisements. In fanpage or dynamic post comments , you can randomly post outreach link.How to keep your Digital Marketing strategy away from spam?In addition to practicing the spam techniques mentioned above, there are some actions you can take toensure that your Digital Marketing strategy is free of such practice. See some:1. Don’t buy email listsWhen we talk about Email Marketing, it is important to keep in mind that buying emails is never profitable.

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