Social Media Analysis to optimize your strategy

Who does not have a profile on social networks? Who does not spend a good time a day consuming the networks?Facebook , Instagram , Tik Tok , Hungary Phone Number List  . Social networks are part of our daily routine, but also of companies , who have a perfect channel to communicate with their audience.If you are at a point where you want to grow on these platforms doing professional social media management , conducting a social media analysis is key to understanding where you are, where you want to go and what strategies to carry out .What is social media analysis?Social media analysis consists of collecting the most important data from your social channels to draw conclusions about your strategy .Social media analytics are necessary to know if your campaigns are working , as well as to know where to focus your next publications.In addition to monitoring your actions, studying the competition and analyzing it will also help you to know what works in your field of development .Note : Before starting with the analysis itself, it is important that you select well in which networks you are going to be with your company or professional profile. Do not be on all networks to be. Study where your audience is and where you are going to add value.Why is analyzing social media important?To convince you of the importance of conducting a social media audit, here are four reasons why you know how essential it is :It allows you to measure the ROI and the impact of your publications.It helps you make better decisions , both strategic and commercial.
You track the efficiency of social media teams .You can compare your performance and presence in networks against your competitors.You are interested in: TRICKS to create Content of INTEREST in RRSS

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How to do a social Hungary Phone Number List analysis Before starting with the network analysis, you should know that this process requires a large investment of time . However, the advantages it offers are a justified argument for doing so.What are your goals?It is the first step to take into account before conducting any social analysis. Know what are the objectives and goals that we set with our profiles .Typically, the objectives tend to revolve around:Increase in traffic. Increase in income. Growth of interactions or engagement (comments, likes, shared publications, reproductions …).Improve the image and presence of the brand .Remember that the objectives you set for yourself must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely .If they go outside of what we would consider SMART goals , some data may not bemeasurable.Measurethe reach of postsIn this section of the analysis of social networks we will obtain data on:The number of followers . The number of followers influences the popularity of our brand, so it is a fact to study.The traffic . Of all the followers we have, how many are watching us? Are they giving us the traffic to the web that we expect?Impressions . It is possible that impressions are not shown to all our followers, as there are many more impressions of followers that we have because we have launched a contest, giveaway … This must also be measured.Control interactionsWhen analyzing social networks, this aspect is very important because it allows you to know how attractive or interesting your content is to users .In this sense, the SEO you do on Social Networks can be decisive in the actions.

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Here we will be able to measure:I like you. Clicks on posts and profile visits.Who has saved the posts . In the case of Instagram, for example.Shared posts . In addition to helping us distribute content and reach more people, it is a good indicator that content is attractive.Comments . Both the positives and the negatives help to know the opinion and preferences of theaudience.Brand mentions.Followers analysisThe creation of social profiles aims to generate leads in one way or another.Although the purposes may be different, it is important to see who the followers of the profiles are and if they really coincide with our prototype of buyer persona .If it is found that our line with the followers does not match, we will be making the wrong strategy . And this can be for several reasons: the public does not have the knowledge that we expect, they do not have the purchasing power if we sell a product, they are not interested in the brand …All this will end up having an impact on conversions.Analysis of conversionsIn this section of the network analysis we see how all of the above translates into the main objective of any business or brand: the transaction .Is all the content that we generate in networks bringing sales or some kind of benefit?Obviously with the networks we want to create a community and that our followers enjoy the content we publish, but we must not set aside the conversion objectives , and see how they areworkingRequest a budget without obligationTools to do the analysis of social networksThe platforms of the main social networks themselves have integrated tools that allow a global analysis of performance.However, if you want to delve into the data or actions to be carried out, they may be somewhat short and limited. In those cases, you will have to go one step further and bet on tools created for social network analysis .

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Among the different options that you have available and that will offer you more complete network analysis are: Social Mention, Hootsuite, SumAll or Buffer . Here is a compilation of the best tools to manage social networks .In this sense, if you are going to bet on a payment tool to analyze your social networks, find out everything it can offer you and what data you will be able to extract from it.What are you waiting for to start analyzing your profiles? Do you use a different technique to measure your work on social networks?What tools do you work with for social audits?If you think that you are stuck with social networks or with any aspect related to your online visibility , we can help you.

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