Social Media: a world that changes day by day

Last Updated June 22nd, 2017 at 03:30 pmIn a very fast and exponential way, every day the range of social networks that we can choose as a communication channel to share and exchange all kinds of information in its various formats opens up : images, music, videos, text.Although at MD www canada phone number Digital we are constantly updating and testing these new online marketing tools , our experience allows us to strongly recommend something fundamental when managing the different profiles: to concentrate on maintaining and building a single, comprehensive, coherent and common image. all networks.Beyond working the content in a particular way – it would not make sense to literally replicate the same thing in communication channels that have changing audiences and dynamics – it is very important that all these networks function as a system, a constellation where the information is always relevant and relevant, the tone is uniform, and the visual identity stands by complementing each other, without becoming redundant.


This is why, for each of the profiles, we developed a set of graphic pieces that are applied in various ways to cover images, profile images, backgrounds and brand Canada Phone Number List , depending on the network. These pieces must also be able to adapt in size and resolution to be viewed correctly on all types of devices, from a Smartphone or tablet to a desktop widescreen screen.For this, an infographic that is very useful when putting together the pieces is the one published on the Tent Social website, where they give us the possibility to easily see all the measures and resolutions necessary for the profiles on the networks most popular social networks , ( Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , Pinterest , Google +) and their variants for different devices.

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