Snapchat, a key to reach young people

Last Updated December 1st, 2016 at 12:29 pmYou’ve probably heard about Snapchat but still don’t know what it’s about. Read on below to learn about one of the most famous apps in the world.
ceo-of-snapchatThe application falls into the category of instant messaging but with a little twist that distinguishes it from the rest. As its name suggests, Snapchat allows us to send photos and videos to our followers, 45% are young people between 18-24 years old, and 70% of users are women. Unlike the rest of the Social Media platforms, the content will only be available for a specified time of up to 10 seconds, then fading away. It also has the particularity of being able to send content with total exclusivity and privacy if we wish.WebThe platform valued at $ 1.8 billion dollars has 100 million active users, 20,000 photos sent per second and more than 8 billion videos played daily. It would take us 10 years to see all the content generated in a single hour! Snapchat is already considered one of the main competencies of the great Facebook , which has 1 billion users and a similar number of videos played per day. Watch out, Facebook!Here then comes the big question: Are brands taking advantage of it?Yes! Little by little it is gaining presence within the digital uk mobile phone number strategies of big brands and it is rumored that thanks to its impressive growth, a platform is being developed so that companies can easily advertise within the application Web Success stories:Important brands such as McDonald’s have used this channel to share small moments with their followers through their campaign ” Choose lovin ‘ “Others like Amazon carried out customer service actions during the famous Black Friday.

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Now, knowing a little more about Snapchat, do you think that more brands should use it in their digital UK Phone Number List strategy?Communicate with your audience through Snapchat!5 curiosities about Google +Last Updated November 4th, 2020 at 11:32 amDid you know that in July 2011 Google announced the launch of its own Social Media platform? Today it is known as the social network with the most registered users. Fun fact: Half of its users do not register daily activity, unlike other platforms.In Beta:During the first two weeks of its beta launch, the platform reached 10 million users, a sum that doubled three weeks later.The evolution:In September of the same year, the platform was launched to the public, achieving a 30% increase in its fan base, which meant more than 43 million registered users.10 million GPLUS usersGoogle + today:Currently the platform has 2.5 billion registered users, doubling the number of users on Facebook.The most valuable resource of Google Plus for online marketing is the circles:Through this application we can have our entire audience segmented, which facilitates the dissemination of content adjusted to the target we are targeting.Advantage:Google +, being a Google platform, can offer us an advantage over web positioning by giving us greater visibility, to the extent that we add a number greater than +1.


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