since they learn to handle them from a very young age and are capable of mastering up to five screens at the same time.

They live with one eye on the future. They love technology and are often aware of new developments . Although they prefer purchases in physical stores, they are comfortable with buying online . They are also characterized by being dynamic and having great initiative. Many hope to have their own business. 2.- Millennials: technology lovers Millennials are those born between 1980 and 1995 and are characterized by having experienced a change of millennium. They have seen digital transformation at the forefront in all spheres of life. Therefore, it has some key features that make it unique. One of their main traits is that they are technology lovers and are 100% digital . Mobile devices, tablets and computers are fully integrated into all your activities. Therefore, they are the largest group on social networks . If you compare Millennials vs Generation Z, the latter values ​​privacy much more, while millennials want to show themselves to the world. In addition, they have become adults during a time of economic boom,  dubai mobile number example  so they are less aware of saving and are more consumerist. They also seek professional success and high salaries. But not as a synonym for success; The money they earn they invest in trips to meet new cultures and people and this is what they give the most importance to.

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They are non-conformists and idealists rather than pragmatists. And as for the brands they are loyal to, they seek above all to be close.  UAE Phone Number List   What they want is to feel “friends” with the brands . Another issue that distinguishes Millennials vs Generation Z is the type of communication with which they express themselves best. Although they also have a taste for visual content , their form of communication is mostly textual. In addition, they have a greater capacity for concentration and have a better command of information since they tend to read every last detail. Like Generation Z, Millennials are also advanced users of technology and social media. However, the use that they give them has its peculiarities. The 76% of Millennials have a smartphone and 90% use social networks , especially Facebook A 58% are very active consumers , and spend 20% on travel than any other generation .

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For 74% of Millennials it is important to have a high salary. Furthermore, 50% of them affirm that they highly value free time and flexible working hours. They are also multi-device . However, your limit is usually on three screens at the same time. Regarding brand tracking , 63% claim to follow them through social media . And 43% of them admit to following more than 20 on Facebook.The 58% of online shoppers belong to the group of Millennials . In addition, 50% of them start their purchase research with the mobile device. Millennials vs Generation Z buying behavior Consumption differences according to age Once the main differences between Millennials vs Generation Z have been established, it is time to make a comparison on how these traits determine the buying behavior of both groups.For now, it has become clear that Millennials lead the generation that is most comfortable shopping online . And when it comes to paying for purchases with your mobile phone? According to the Epsilon survey, Gen Z is again much more cautious when using the smartphone. And it is that if something stands out between Millennials vs Generation Z, it is that the latter have a greater degree of concern when it comes to providing personal and sensitive information on the Internet. In fact, the figure is 57%, very similar to that of the “baby boom” generation (61%).

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