Showrooming: The New Intelligence of Consumers

Customers and consumers are no longer impulsive and above all they are no longer “stupid”. This does not mean that they were before, but that now they have new means and tools to make their purchasing decisions in a smarter way. A growing trend accentuated by the rise of mobile devices that accompany them everywhere, offering at all times the possibility of accessing an immense source of information related to their purchases or the products in which they feel interested.Thanks to this revolution, customers have in their hand, for example, the ability to find out if the price of a certain product and if it is adequate or we can compare them with other shops or offers, and even be able to know more about its characteristics than the store staff themselves.Thus, an increasingly widespread practice arrived, showrooming, which has made more than one merchant tremble, who sees his business threatened by a price war or from customers who only enter his store “to take a look. “, ending up buying your product thailand mobile number format , or in department indicated in its survey that consumers end up buying online what initially interested them offline; a purchase that does not materialize on the web where they initially found the product, but on those sites that offer the best price, such as Amazon. Their data shows that 1 in 5 showroomers who completed their purchase on Amazon had visited Best Buy, and 15% had initially turned to Target.


Thailand Phone Number List , for its part, reflects in a subsequent study that those interested in Best Buy had twice the chances of confirming their purchase at Target (20%) compared to Amazon (10%), the same as Walmart (10%). In addition, 14% of those who visited Target chose Walmart, while 13% went to Amazon and 7% to Best Buy.Retailers can and should profit from showrooming tooOn the one hand, showroomers go to stores more frequently than other customers, according to Business Insider’s Retailer Risk Index; This can be an advantage: these are customers who are really interested in a product, who come to your territory. Can you ask for more? Well, yes, they finally end up buying, but that depends on your great skills as a merchant, to make them finally decide for you.A showroomer feels the urgent need to know all the details about the product, information provided by new technologies, even reinforcing their purchase intention. Therefore, the mobile can also be a great seller. According to ForeSee, 2 out of 3 customers use their mobile within the store itself, before purchasing the product.Showrooming is one more step in the purchasing process. Accenture reflects that consumers want an integrated shopping experience; that allows them to know everything about the product, interact with it and acquire it regardless of the platform they use. Are you ready to provide it? In this way, you will also reach an important market niche, the showroomers who complete their purchase once they are comfortably relaxed at home, through their tablet. According to TechBargains, 80% of its respondents choose the tablet to buy online, a higher percentage than those who keep their smartphone (72%).In light of the circumstances, you can appreciate that customers are not only looking for the best price, but also value a positive experience from the brand, the quality of the information and accessibility, both to the product, and when it comes to contacting the company.

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