Showrooming: At a higher price, more use of the mobile to make comparisons and look for offers

The price is decisive for buyers who always use their mobile devices in their purchases. The more expensive the product in question, the more likely it is that the buyer will practice showrooming and that an internet search will be carried out from the store itself to compare prices or seek opinions. It is at least one of the conclusions that emerges from a new study from Columbia Business School.About a quarter of mobile shoppers in the United States and Canada report mobile searches when viewing $ 100 products. As the price of the item increases, the study points to higher search rates. When we talk about $ 500 or more, already 58% of those surveyed claim to seek more information through their mobile phone before deciding to buy it.In addition to the price, the product category also influences. It is much more frequent in purchases of electronics or household appliances, in 83% of cases searches are carried out while the item is being consulted in the store. Books and music articles follow in the ranking (67%), and curiously, searches are lower in the automotive sector (52%) despite the fact that prices are significantly higher.How much do sweden phone number format discounts influence the purchase decision within the store?


60% of the mobile shoppers surveyed would choose to buy Sweden Phone Number List if they got a 10% discount on items over $ 500. But that same discount would only convince 50% of buyers of $ 200 products and 28% if the item is not worth more than 50.These results are in line with the previous study by Parago, which indicated that with equal discounts, consumers are 20% more likely to choose the online option that saves them the most money. The results of this study suggest that transportation is a key factor in the decision.In fact, among mobile shoppers, the main reasons for showrooming are a lower price in online commerce and, secondly, free shipping at no cost to the buyer.On the other side of the scale, mobile shoppers who choose not to showroom claim as their main reasons that they need the product now and don’t want to wait to buy online.

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