Showrooming, a new way to buy?

How many of us have ever entered a store not with the intention of buying, but with the intention of looking, convinced that if the product was to our liking, we would surf the internet to acquire it at the best possible price? This is what is known as Showrooming, an increasingly common consumer trend that is driving salespeople in physical stores crazy.And the fact is that Showrooming is gaining followers because e-commerce, online sales, is increasingly widespread and users are more familiar with it. It can even be done from the same physical store that the user has entered to look through their own smartphone. That is why companies have increased their commitment to adapt their web pages to mobile, and some already offer their products with two types of prices, some for their physical stores and others for their thai phone number search stores, which are usually cheaper.What can brick-and-mortar businesses do to improve traffic and sales in their stores?


Invest in mobile, on the one hand, and offer a distinctive, an added value that makes users consume in your establishment. Zara has an e-commerce policy through which, if a user decides to change a garment purchased through its Thailand Phone Number List store, they can do so with a home exchange system or through its physical stores. In this way it brings traffic of people to its establishments, where every week there is new genre. It seems like a good technique. It is true that not all companies have the pull of the Inditex group, but this is where creativity comes in to retain customers and achieve the famous “engagemen”.Beyond the risky proposal of charging for looking , some visionaries point out that companies with a greater presence in the networks will have physical stores in the near future where customers can go to look and try a product, and then carry out the buy on the internet. They will be more than stores, exhibitors, without even a box. Everything will go.It is true that a physical store involves an investment in maintenance, rent and staff, which an e-commerce lacks. But the immediacy, the treatment and being able to see the product “live” are advantages that online sales cannot compete with. It is about taking advantage of the distinctive points and not sinking into the disadvantages.

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