Showrooming: A growing trend among consumers who never forget their mobile

The showrooming , the increasingly widespread practice of shopping with mobile, and use it to expand information and compare prices even within the store itself, not to endanger the physical stores, but it has its advantages.This is indicated by data from a recent survey conducted by ForeSee, in which more than 6,200 consumers participated. spain phone number sample to the study, 62% of customers who used their mobile phone in the physical store did so to consult the website of the store itself, or in search of its mobile app; only 37% used their smartphone to search for information about the competition.Therefore, showrooming does not have to be considered as a threat to the store. According to Larry Freed, CEO of the company that signed the study, this represents an opportunity for brands, which can use the online medium to reinforce the purchase intention of their offline customers. So the mobile becomes an ally. In addition, the fact that the customer is already inside the store itself is a very favorable factor when it comes to getting them to complete the purchase process.To take advantage of this opportunity, merchants must develop a mobile strategy, which involves optimizing their website with more content and product information, as well as adapting it to mobile devices. Likewise, develop promotional actions to encourage conversion, both within the physical store and through mobile phones; and combine the use of both devices, such as thanks to coupons or QR code scanning.


Spain Phone Number List must also take into account that for many consumers, price is not the determining factor when buying a product, but rather they especially value the overall experience, which implies, in addition to price, the availability of the product, the attention received and reputation of the brand. For its part, the mobile phone is not the medium where the purchase process usually begins, only 6% of the surveyed customers visited the store’s website through their smartphone before entering the store. However, 57% had accessed their website through the computer. Therefore, the mobile helps to expand information about the product and can stimulate the customer to buy on site.The ForeSee study also observed the degree of satisfaction of mcommerce customers of the main stores, obtaining as a result that Amazon was at the top, with a score of 85 out of 100, pseudo closely by Apple and QVC, with 83, while Victoria’s Secret and NewEgg registered 80. These results show an improvement over the previous year, which implies that brands care about offering a positive shopping experience.

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