Shoptimization, one of the main marketing trends for 2013

Discount coupons, personalized offers via mobile or on-site promotions. All these sales techniques are grouped under the Anglo-Saxon term “shoptimization”, a concept created to define the growing use of tools and applications that help promote sales and better understand customer preferences. According to the affilinet company , “shoptimization” will become one of the main trends in phone call from afghanistan for this 2013.Smart shopping, or buying intelligently by spending money only on what you really want, is an increasingly common shopping style in Spain. Spanish consumers have realized that paying the full price of the product is not always necessary and, especially due to the fierce competition and the options available to pay less, there is almost always some benefit to be eligible for. In fact, 26% of buyers say they are influenced by discounts and promotions when buying, and 30% indicate that these promotions motivate their purchase, even when it comes to products that they did not intend to buy.”The value of these personalized promotional campaigns is tremendous, the stores gain traffic on their websites, the buyer saves money on their purchase and the sellers increase their sales,” says Cristina Berzal, general director of the company in Spain.


Given these percentages, the “ Afghanistan Phone Number List ” of the purchase platforms is a decisive factor for advertisers, and their main tools to optimize their sales are materialized in services such as:Discount coupons: these offers provide greater brand visibility, and increase the chances of converting the click to sale.Retargeting: through this tool, the online store recovers users who left the page without making a purchase, and offers them personalized and segmented creatives based on the interests of end users.On-site discounts: Spanish consumers are receptive to these campaigns when they are near or in the physical store itself, and even 67% of smartphone users in Spain are interested in receiving discount coupons through geolocation services.”Shoptimization” aims to make it easier for the buyer to find the product they want, offer them the best prices and, ultimately, help the customer get the most out of their shopping experience, “says Cristina Berzal. “In addition, it allows advertisers to gain new customers, retain existing ones and carry out market research”, Berzal concludes.

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